Mailbag: Expectations for Ryan Mallett


Hi Alex, Do you think Ryan Mallett will be groomed as the Houston Texans starter at some point, or was this just a trade they made for an insurance option/quarterback depth? Jeremy, Pasadena.

Hi Jeremy,

I believe the Ryan Mallett trade was made by the Texans in order to be a potential starting quarterback for this team. Granted, he is a free agent next season, and losing him wouldn’t be devastating, considering they only surrendered a late 2016 draft pick for him (it will be a sixth or seventh rounder, depending on Mallett’s snaps played.)

Mallett hasn’t impressed during his limited NFL action, but learning behind the New England Patriots, especially Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, makes me believe Mallett has something special in him. Remember, Matt Cassel was a high school quarterback, only to lead the Patriots to an 11-5 record in 2008 when Tom Brady missed the entire season.

I think Mallett will take over for Ryan Fitzpatrick at some point during a game out of reach, and the Texans will probably try to extend him if he looks solid. Remember, head coach Bill O’Brien worked with him in Foxborough for a year as the offensive coordinator, so he has to know a lot about Mallett by now.

But looking into 2015, I’d be somewhat surprised if Mallett isn’t on the Texans.

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