Kirk Cousins will start for the Washington Redskins before October 1


It’s finally here. For the first time since confetti fell onto the field at MetLife Stadium last February, a real NFL game will be played. And that’s very good news.

The Seahawks and Packers will kickoff the season, the first of 256 regular-season match-ups on the docket across the next 17 weeks. During that time, a lot will happen – some will be predictable and some will be hard to believe.

Everyone has offered their thoughts about what will fall into the first category, providing preseason predictions that see the usual suspects emerging as Super Bowl contenders. But few have ventured into the unknown, looking at their crystal ball to predict this year’s unexpected developments.

Until now. It’s time to make it official, putting the predictions in print. To see 10 surprising things that will happen during the 2014 NFL season, CLICK HERE.

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