NFL to talk PEDs with three stars


Three huge NFL stars will get a talking to from the league offices about PEDs next month.

On Wednesday night NFL spokesman Joe Lockhart told Ian Rapoport that the league will talk directly to the active players named in Al Jazeera’s December report alleging use of PEDs:

“We have been working with U.S. Anti-Doping Agency and Major League Baseball since these allegations were raised… we expect to talk directly to the players sometime next month.”

At the time Peyton Manning took all the attention for his alleged use of human growth hormone. His Denver Broncos were in the midst of a Super Bowl run and so the media focused mostly on his side of the story. Since Manning is now retired he is beyond the league’s reach. However, there were several more active players involved, including three other big stars.


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Three stars NFL to meet with in June

James Harrison: Pittsburgh Steelers OLB

Harrison’s legendary weight-lifting sessions are quickly being overshadowed by his drug tests. The long-time Steelers sack machine is so adamant about his innocence that he has been sharing them on Instagram.

Do you, Deebo.

Clay Matthews: Green Bay Packers OLB

Matthews has been the subject of steroid rumors for a long time. Perhaps it had something to do with his supposedly adding two inches of height and some 80 pounds of muscle during his time at USC. Perhaps he’s just the subject of a witchhunt. In any case, Matthews is denying any wrongdoing. He’s not the only Packer under investigation though…

Julius Peppers: Green Bay Packers OLB

Green Bay has two future hall of famers playing linebacker right now, and Peppers is the other. For his part, he claims to be shocked by the report and called it erroneous and irresponsible journalism back in December.

Another former Packer was also named: Mike Neal, who is now a free agent. While he denied the allegations as well, he has been suspended in the past for violating the NFL drug policy.

We will follow this story as it unfolds, but if you’re really expecting the NFL to dig into that rabbit-hole in earnest, there is a bridge made of marshmallow and chocolate that I want to talk to you about…

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