Fantasy Football: The top ten WRs of 2016

Fantasy Football

Today our Friday Fantasy Football series continues by ranking the top ten wide receivers based on our projections for 2016.

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Top ten fantasy football WRs for 2016

10. Doug Baldwin

People tend to forget that Baldwin tied for the league lead with 14 touchdowns last year. And with “Beastmode” Marshawn Lynch retiring the Seahawks will have to heavily rely on Russell Wilson throwing the ball again. Remember he and Wilson set the NFL record with 10 touchdown passes in just four games last season.

And Baldwin is his favorite target. Even with a healthy Jimmy Graham back in 2016, Baldwin should receive a majority of the targets. His targets have increased in each season (104 last season) and that should continue.

The best part? The Seahawks line him up all over the field, and he creates matchup nightmares for opposing defenses.

9. T.Y. Hilton 

Better known as “The Ghost”, Hilton has become Andrew Luck’s favorite target over the last four years. And this slot generally depends on if Luck can stay healthy (He missed 9 games last season).

Like Baldwin, Hilton has seen his targets mostly increase each season. But with Reggie Wayne gone for a year now, the Andre Johnson experiment over, and Coby Fleener out of town, we will see a heavy dose of Hilton this year.

The speed demon has already shown that he can be a top receiver without Luck as he had over 1,000 yards receiving last year with a multitude of mediocre quarterbacks throwing to him. So expect big things from Hilton this season.

8. Dez Bryant 

Like, Hilton, this slot again depends on if his quarterback can stay healthy. And that is a big concern when your name is Tony Romo. Also, can Dez stay healthy and focused? Those two things will also play a major factor.

If he can, Dez should return to form and show why he is one of the best players in the league. He can dominate you in every aspect of the game.

7. Jordy Nelson 

Nelson was lost for the season last year in just the second preseason game. Can he return to form after sitting out a year? You can certainly hope so, and it does help when Aaron Rodgers is throwing your way.

Remember Nelson was a beast in fantasy in 2014 when he was a top 3 wideout. Expect more of the same in 2016.

6. A.J. Green 

Green is putting up Randy Moss like numbers to start his career, and it is expected of him now. With Tyler Eifert playing at a Pro Bowl level now and the addition of Tyler Boyd, you should see the double teams back off of Green in 2016.

Will that be enough? Of course it will be, because each and every season Green is a top 10 fantasy wideout when he is double teamed of not. There is a major reason why Andy Dalton just throws it up in his direction so often.

5. DeAndre Hopkins

I wanted to slot Hopkins higher here, but I am still not sold on Brock Oiswieler being a legit starting quarterback. Hopkins has every tool you would want from a top receiver in the NFL.

But can he shake enough double teams this season to take the next step and lead the league in touchdowns and receiving yards? Maybe, but for now he is still one of the best in the game, but the four guys ahead of him might be a little better right now in terms of fantasy value.

4. Allen Robinson 

Robinson tied for the league lead with 14 touchdown catches last season. And Blake Bortles continues to improve each season. Enter stardom for one of the most underrated wideouts in the game.

Robinson might not go in the first two or three rounds of your draft, but you can bet your butt that he will finish the year in the top five in catches, receiving yards, and touchdowns. The Jaguars and on the upward trend and it is because of the play from the former Penn State star.

3. Odell Beckham Jr. 

He might have to face off against Josh Norman still twice a year, but there is still almost no one that can slow down Beckham. Honestly he seems to do something each and every week that makes you just drop your jaw and just say wow.

Expect that to continue with Ben McAdoo the head coach of the Giants now. He has continued to find ways for Beckham to get the ball.

2. Julio Jones 

Jones might still not have someone to take pressure off of him on the other side of the ball, but Matt Ryan can honesltly just throw the ball his way each and every play this season and you can expect Jones to come down with at least 10 touchdowns and 1,400 yards receiving. Making him a safe bet to be a top wideout next season.

The only concern here is if he can stay healthy again for a full season. Jones has only played two full seasons since entering the league.

1. Antonio Brown 

The best route runner, the best everything. Brown has found a way each and every year to get better. Honestly at this point I do not think there is nothing he cannot do.

Brown just dominates you in every way and makes the best corners in the game look silly. I have used him with my first pick in my fantasy league in the last three years, and have come away with the championship each and every year.

If there was ever a safe pick in fantasy football, Brown is it. Just pull up he crazy Madden like numbers and you will have an edge up each week he lines up on the field.

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