Eagles: 2016 expectations for TE Zach Ertz


Zach Ertz has been the Eagles tight end for three seasons already. In those three season, Ertz held his own. However, as fans we always seem to think he can do more. In three seasons in the NFL he has only managed to get into the endzone nine times. He has also averaged 675 yards per season on an average of 56 receptions. In the total scheme of things, I would say he has not done that bad.

I say that because he is not the only tight end on the roster who actively catches the football. Knowing the talent of Zach Ertz, we know there is much more he can do.
When examining the Chiefs roster in 2015 the tight end that pops off the chart is Travis Kelce. In fact, Ertz and Kelce have a very identical build. Everything that Kelce did in the Chiefs`s offense is what I can envision Zach Ertz doing.

Travis Kelce hauled in 72 passes for 875 yards and 5 touchdowns. Comparing that to Ertz last season, Kelce caught three less passes, had twenty two more yards and three more touchdowns. In the bigger picture, what we assume was a limited Zach Ertz was only just behind a pro bowler Travis Kelce.


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When finding out the Kelce really did not do too much better than Zach Ertz last season I was surprised. All season I thought Travis Kelce was doing way better than Zach. Zach Ertz is not even in the top tight end debate it seemed. Maybe it was Travis Kelce`s dance moves that gave him a little more attention.

I never knew why Zach Ertz did not get a lot of hype. He is a young tight end, and every year he has tremendously improved. However, the one area he needs to improve the most is his touchdowns. In fact, the last three season his touchdowns have gone down every year. That is the one aspect of his game I expect him to improve a lot this upcoming season.

Why is Travis Kelce rated that much higher than Zach Ertz? In my opinion Zach Ertz is much more than just a tight end. He can line up all over the field if need be. If the Eagles use Zach Ertz and lean on him, not only will be crush his last season stats, he will be a top tight end in the NFL. Travis Kelce is sort of a bench mark, at the least we know that is what Ertz can do. However, Zach is much more talented, and Coach Pederson is excited for the upcoming season.

This off season the Eagles gave Zach Ertz a pretty big deal. The deal is worth 42.5 million dollars, the Eagles are all in. However, with the Zach Ertz and his desire to be the best, I think it is a safe bet.

My realistic prediction for Zach Ertz this upcoming season is this; I expect him to haul in about the same number of passes. If I would have to pick a number I would say 80. As yards go, I think he just gets over 1,000 yards. The area of his game that he needs to improve the most is touchdowns. Last season he hauled in two, this season I expect at least six. With those stats of course he is going to the pro bowl too. In 2016, I expect a very different Zach Ertz, one who takes over this team.

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