Quick Reactions to the Ravens’ 24-16 loss to the New York Jets

John Harbaugh and the Baltimore Ravens came out swinging against the r

Chris L. Brown, Editor

This is now the most frustrating loss that I’ve seen as a follower of the Ravens. It topped last week. No one is taking fiery leadership onto the field, problem number one. No one is making big plays on offense, problem number two. Every single time that we make a big play on Offense, it is called back, problem number three. The refs are way too subjective and random in their penalty calls, problem number four. I need to get out the pass interference rule again and figure out what it is, because clearly, grabbing a receivers arm when he is trying to catch the ball isn’t illegal. It happened twice, the refs sat silent twice. Unbelievable. As we enter this free-for-all where media pundits and fans alike destroy the Ravens’ streak of bad, we should keep in mind that they are not a bad team. They need some things to go their way. Remember the play of the rookies and defense. This thing can be turned around. But Flacco needs some humble pie.

Rich Hallstrom, Assistant Editor:

The Ravens played maybe the worst second half of football that I have witnessed in a long time. Joe Flacco didn’t show up for the second half. The defense blocked a field goal late that still gave Baltimore a chance at victory those are the kind of opportunities you must capitalize on. It’s time for everyone to be accountable. Losing to a 1-5 Jets team is completely unacceptable at any point in the season.

Chuck Mills, Features Editor:

The Ravens look like the 2015 squad again. The Jets were a weak team and the Ravens still lost. Penalties are out of control, dumb mistakes are being made and the defense still looks slow. Someone needs to be fired for this. Today’s  studs were Justin Tucker, Chris Moore, Jimmy Smith, and Matt Judon. I’m putting it down here because this team doesn’t deserve an article praising them. Ronnie Stanley and Marshal Yanda need to return after the bye.

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