Defense Delivers! Kansas City Improves to 7-2

Peters saves the day in dramatic fashion as Chiefs are first in the AFC West.


Marcus Peters is as prime time as they come. After punting with under a minute left, giving the reigning NFC Champions the opportunity to close out a victory, this Kansas City defense finds a way to create opportunity.

In typical fashion, the Kansas City offense struggled to move the football. Aside from a handful of big plays from young playmaker Tyreek Hill and running back Spencer Ware, this offense was horrible. Converting only 2 of their 12 third down attempts and 0 for 3 in red zone attempts is a major red flag for a team that is looking to do better than their 2016 playoff run.

Despite these struggles, the defense became the offense as two huge plays by the Chiefs secondary created not only a touchdown but a game winning field goal opportunity for Cairo Santos. Eric Berry intercepted a fourth quarter pass from Cam Newton and went full Dante Hall mode as he juked his way for a touchdown.


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And when Kansas City saw their hope at the mercy of Cam Newton, Marcus Peters makes an incredible play to strip the football from the receiver giving the Chiefs the football inside field goal position with under 20 seconds in regulation.

Cairo Santos delivers a strike to send Kansas City home with a victory and first place in the AFC West.

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