Seattle Seahawks Daily Dose of Pain – Saturday, December 3


Your daily dose of the most negative news in the Seattle Seahawks universe: injuries.

The good news is, Virginia Mason Athletic Center had creamed chipped beef on the menu. In even better news, a lot of guys are healthy this week. Could there be a correlation? For now, let’s get to the report.

Players: Earl Thomas, Justin Britt

Three days of full practices under their belts is very, very good for Seattle. Thomas anchors the Legion of Boom, just as Britt anchors the O line. The odds of success for the Hawks looks quite a bit better with these two gentlemen back. The offensive line certainly can’t play worse than last week, and Britt’s return should be a major part of that improvement.

Players: Jimmy Graham, Troymaine Pope

Two days of full practice for these gents is pretty sweet, too. Graham at full strength is critical for the Hawks; after all, he’s the best active tight end in the league since Gronk’s injury. With Luke Kuechly out for the Panthers, Graham should have a terrific day; well, make that another. Word is he pulled both a Snorlax and a Vaporeon during Wednesday’s tourney; he’s sure to be pumped for the Panthers, right? Running back Pope’s role isn’t as critial to the Hawks, but with Thomas Rawls still getting back to game shape, he could certainly play a key role in a Seahawks win. Pope is still listed as questionable, for those scoring at home. And if you are scoring at home…well, congratulations.


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Players: DeShawn Shead, Tony McDaniel

One day of full practice for both; hey, one day beats no days, as we’ll see. Like his pal in the defensive backfield, cornerback Shead is recovering from a hamstring injury, but is expected to be ready to go against Carolina. Defensive tackle McDaniel should be fine as well, as he was recovering from a mild Nidorino attack in Wednesday’s tourney.

Players: Michael Bennett, Luke Wilson

Do not enter panic mode, but Bennett followed Wednesday’s practice with two days of light practice, and is listed as questionable. Coach Carroll’s comment on his All-World defensive end’s status: ““He’s highly questionable – and he also has some injury issues.” Hey, if Pete can joke about you, you can stop worrying too. As for tight end Wilson, he too just had a light practice Friday, and like Bennett, is listed as questionable; in Luke’s case, it’s definitely because of his knee.

Player: Russell Wilson, Thomas Rawls

It’s okay, people. They’re both feeling so good their own grandmamas wouldn’t even put them on the injury list.

That’s it for the injury updates this week, unless there’s late-breaking news before tomorrow night. Time to put those Carolina Kitties in their place. Go Hawks!

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