Seattle Seahawks Daily Dose of Pain – Tuesday, December 6

Seahawks FS Steven Terrell at Panthers December 4, 2016

Your daily dose of the most negative news in the Seattle Seahawks universe: injuries.

Oh most merciful and beneficent Gods of Football, what grievous sins have we, the Nation of the Mighty Osprey, committed against thee? We repent our ridicule of the People of the Ram, who chose to keep their poor Fisher for yet another season of poor harvest. We repent as well our ridicule of the People of the Panther, who held back their finest warrior from the beginning of their contest against us, all because he missed one feather in his garb. We feel shame for our mockery of the Clan of the Cardinal, for once they soared high, and shall reach above the clouds once again. The Tribe of the Four and Nines – we regret nothing, for they are truly awful in your eyes.

Seriously, though – the guy doesn’t miss a game from the start of his career – that’s 107 straight games – then has hammy trouble, sits one out, then breaks his leg in his first game back. Maybe it’s just the Gods of Football catching up, but it sucks.

Player: Earl Thomas

As you all know by now, Thomas has a broken tibia and is out for the season. As it’s unlikely the Chiefs will part with strong/free/any-spot-he-wants safety Eric Berry (and it’s about six weeks past the trade deadline), Steven Terrell is the man in the spotlight. He’s got speed, and according to Coach Carroll, plays with the discipline needed to play the position. While it’s true that Cam Newton struck for a touchdown pass on the first play after Terrell came in, it was also the last time the Panthers scored. Let’s hope Pete is right about the third-year player. Our vote is a strong – or is that free? – yes.


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Player: Will Tukuafu

The only other injury from the drubbing of the Panthers was a concussion sustained by the monster fullback. He’s in concussion protocol, and we’ll update his status as the week continues.

Player: Luke Wilson

The tight end is expected to be ready to go this week, after missing action due to a sprained knee.

Player: C. J. Prosise

It’s surprising that there’s any news on Prosise at all, as he has a fractured scapula; to goofs like me, that means he’s got a busted shoulder blade. At one point was expected to miss the remainder of the season, but Coach Carroll – you know the guy, friendly, silver hair, always has a joke – said Prosise’s progress (say that three times fast) is being evaluated every other week, and there’s a possibility he could be back for the playoffs.

That’s it for now. Just be sure you don’t anger the Gods of Football any more than you already have. Yeah, it was probably you, putting ketchup on your hot dog! Till next time, Go Hawks!

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