Rams go ‘Old School’ for Thursday night in Seattle

Los Angeles Rams
Mar 4, 2016; Los Angeles, CA, USA; General view of Los Angeles Rams blue and white helmet (circa 1964-72) and the Olympic torch at the peristyle end of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The Coliseum will serve as the temporary home of the Rams after NFL owners voted 30-2 to allow Rams owner Stan Kroenke (not pictured) to relocate the franchise for the 2016 season. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There hasn’t been a lot of good news this week, or much at all this season. But in Seattle on Thursday night, the Los Angeles Rams will get something right: uniforms.

It is also worth noting that the Seattle Seahawks will be a participant in NFL Color Rush.

In a nod to the Rams’ past, L.A. will don an all white uniform with the blue and white helmet from yesteryear. A look worn by Hall of Famers like Merlin Olsen and Tom Mack. Next week against the San Francisco 49ers, the team will wear the classic blue and yellow made famous by another group of HOF’ers Eric Dickerson, Jack Youngblood and Jackie Slater.

It might be the only thing the organization has gotten right until the timely dumping of head coach Jeff Fisher. In a feature by Arash Marzaki, a senior writer at ESPN, he noted the following: 

“While the organization has worked diligently to reconnect with a community it left two decades ago and connect with a generation of fans it lost in the process, the Rams have been tone deaf when it comes to the uniform issue.”


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It’s an issue the fans expressed a loud disapproval of by wearing the blue and yellow jerseys with players names from Youngblood and Ferragamo, to Gurley Donald, and Goff.

It’s also an area of discontent, one of many actually, that has resonated with fans and arrogantly ignored by Rams COO Kevin Demoff.

As I’ve written, year one back in Los Angeles has not gone as planned by the organization, nor as hoped by Rams fans.

Lessons we can hope the decision makers start to get right.

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