Rams are 14 games late giving Mannion a look

Sean Mannion QN, Los Angeles Rams
Sep 12, 2016; Santa Clara, CA, USA; Los Angeles Rams quarterback Sean Mannion (14) reacts during a NFL game against the San Francisco 49ers at Levi's Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

For the Rams, better late than never is trending in Los Angeles of late. Multiple reports from the likes of NFL.com, FOX Sports, and NBC Sports Pro Football Talk have it that after 14 games, the team is looking at giving long forgotten quarterback Sean Mannion a look before closing the book on 2016.

My question: what the hell took so long?

Mannion, a third round pick from Oregon State in 2015 looks to be moving to the number two spot behind rookie Jared Goff. The move would effectively bring to an end the Case Keenum era, who went from the Rams penthouse to the fans outhouse with remarkable haste.

Haste also totally warranted by play that more resembled a grease fire than that of a starting quarterback. Keenum is also on deck to hit the free agent market after this season, so this is merely process for the Rams as they continue to segue to a post Jeff Fisher team.

As for Mannion being the “guy behind the guy”, many fans (and many may be an understatement), will and should ask why Sean hasn’t been in the mix sooner.


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Judging by my Twitter feed going back to the preseason, Mannion was a curious figure missing from a QB scenario both confusing and ill-thought out this year. For many weeks, the impression was that if Goff wasn’t ready to start, what made him ready to be “the guy” who would if Keenum went down or struggled, as he ended up doing?

More confounding is that Mannion, who played briefly in the preseason, looked to at least play well enough for consideration, especially given that Goff did not. Remember that Goff wasn’t active week one in San Francisco, but then apparently made enough “progress” to leapfrog Mannion by week 2.

That’s Los Angeles Rams football in a nutshell for 2016.

Fans can certainly say they have seen enough of Case Keenum.  Given the number of hits Jared Goff has taken in a lost rookie season for the top overall pick, maybe letting Sean Mannion mop-up the mess in L.A. is the best idea to come from the Rams this season.

Well that, and firing Jeff Fisher.

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