Just Win Baby, Washington Redskins Style.

Washington Redskins
Dec 19, 2016; Landover, MD, USA; Washington Redskins safety Duke Ihenacho (29) leads the Redskins onto the field prior to their game against the Carolina Panthers at FedEx Field. The Panthers won 26-15. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

What a way to bring in the New Year, with a victory over the NY Giants and getting into the playoffs two years in a row! The Dallas Cowboys defeated the Detroit Lions on Monday Night Football. All our Washington Redskins have to do now is beat the NY Giants on New Years Day to be in the NFL Playoffs.

The NY Giants have clinched a Wild Card berth and will still be a Wild Card Playoff team even if defeated on New Years Day by the Washington Redskins. Three NFC East Division team will be in the Playoffs if the Redskins defeats the Giants. Of course, if the Giants win, our Redskins will be eliminated from the Playoffs.

So much for the NFC East being called the NFC Least.

A victory over the New York would conclude a wild and crazy 2015 NFL regular season where the Giants were swept by the Redskins, the Giants swept the Cowboys, the Cowboys swept the Redskins, and the Redskins swept the Eagles.

Did you get that?

A win over the NY Giants will prove our Washington Redskins have a winning team and capable of going all the way. We know our Redskins had chances to defeat the Cowboys so we can beat them. We will have swept the Giants so we know we can beat them also. We also know we can beat Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions. I believe once we get in the playoffs and win the playoff game on Wild Card Weekend, our Redskins can go deep into the playoffs, possibly win the Super Bowl.

Why not us?

We know the Redskins offense has the talent to and is capable of scoring over 30 points a game when they do not shoot themselves in the foot with penalties, dropped passes and call bad red-zone plays. If our defense can keep the other teams under 28 points, we can score more points than the other teams. I know our defense has had issues, but they do create turnovers and capable of playing good defense like they did versus the Philadelphia Eagles in Game 3.


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Keys to Victory: As Eli Manning goes, so go the Giants. Our defense needs to pressure, sack, hit, curse, bite Giants quarterback Eli Manning early and often. Relentless pressure makes him uncomfortable. Disguised blitz packages and a jail-breaking pass-rush should be Defensive Coordinator Joe Barry’s game plan.

Eli Manning will throw interceptions when he is pressured. Another part of the game-plan should be to cover Odell Beckham Jr. with cornerback Josh Norman and keep the passes in front of the safeties. Our defense needs to get turnovers and disguise coverage. They have to “wrap up” tackles, not “grabbing” and missing tackles.

Keys for Victory: Offensively our Redskins need to start fast and score first, making the NY Giants play from behind. When we get into the red-zone, we need touchdowns, not mistakes, not field-goals, not penalties. Offensive Coordinator Sean McVay will have to be unpredictable and have a good balance of run and pass plays. I suggest some early pistol, and read option plays. The offensive line must dominate the line of scrimmage and run-block well. We know they pass protect well, but the Giants defense is very good.

Winning the time of possession battle and the battle in the trenches is big when we play the NY Giants. Long touchdown scoring drives helps to keep our defense with “fresh legs” so not worn down in the 4th quarter. We know their tendencies since we play them twice a year.

We are the home team! Need the 12th man to show up! Loud and Proud.

It is not so much how a team starts as it is how the team finishes. Our Redskins have a chance to turn a season with 4 lost games they should have won into a season that is successful and one to be proud of.

I believe our Washington Redskins will prevail and defeat the NY Giants. I have faith in Redskins franchise quarterback “Captain Kirk” Cousins’ command of the offense as well as in our excellent wide receivers and tight-ends. I think the one-two-three punch of Fat Rob Kelley, Mack Truck Brown, and speedy Chris Thompson can wear down the NY Giants defense and give us balance to move the chains.

Finally, I predict our offense will score over 30 points and our defense will hold the Giants under 30 points and our Redskins will be a Playoff team in back to back years.


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