Seattle Seahawks Daily Dose of Pain – Tuesday, January 3

Nolan Rese
Seahawks long snapper Rese on IR.

Your daily dose of the most negative news in the Seattle Seahawks universe: injuries.

The best team named after a seagoing raptor is moving on to the playoffs! Not exactly news, but the injuries the Seahawks are facing certainly is. On to the report!

Player: Nolan Frese

When the headline injury news coming out of the season finale is your long snapper, you have to consider yourself a bit lucky. Just a bit; it’s not like Frese’s injury doesn’t matter. Or perhaps you missed the snap that sailed over punter Jon Ryan’s head for a safety? About that play: Coach Carroll praised the toughness of his long snapper, saying “I give him credit for really just battling through it and giving us the best he could.” Frese suffered a high ankle sprain during the game, and continued playing with a cast. Just one poor snap under those conditions, I’d say that’s an admirable performance. Unfortunately, he was moved to the land of the Injured Reserve. Taking his place is Tyler Ott, a hale and hearty Harvard man who got into three games with the Bengals earlier this season. The 6′ 3″ Ott weighs in at 253, twenty pounds heavier than Frese. Is it worth noting that he played tight end in college, in addition to handling long snaps? Hmmmmm… At any rate, Coach Carroll expressed confidence in the newest Seahawk, while Ott himself wasted no time expressing his delight in joining the Seahawks. As the Harvard man said, Go Hawks!


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Player: C.J. Prosise

Hey, there’s that guy again! Prosise shows up more often in the injury report than Harry Potter in a history of Hogwarts. The bad news is, that’s not changing for the first round playoff game against the Detroit Lions. The good news? It may very well change for the next game (and I’m talking about round two of the postseason, not the first preseason contest of 2017). Pete Carroll – you know, the pleasant silver-haired gentleman that roams the sidelines – said that Prosise had very encouraging results from his CT scan, and is running hard this week with an eye toward practicing next week. This is still very much a best-case scenario, but adding a running back that averaged over 5.7 yards per carry and had over 200 yards receiving in very limited action could be a great boost to an inconsistent offense.

Good to see everyone survived the holidays – well, you *are* reading this. Look for an update Thursday, and until then, go Hawks!

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