Cowboys: Randy Gregory Suspended 1 Year, Out for Playoffs

Defensive end Randy Gregory has been suspended for a year.

Randy Gregory's suspension is cause for concern.

Multiple Sources have reported Cowboys defensive end Randy Gregory has been suspended for at least one year, including these 2016 Playoffs. He violated the league’s substance-abuse policy and will not play in the 2017 season at all.

It’s a big loss for the Cowboys who are attempting to make a Super Bowl run after a 13-3 season and clinching a first-round bye. Gregory had just returned a few weeks ago from a previous suspension after missing almost the entire season.

Coming out of college, Gregory was billed as a blue-chip talent with serious character concerns. Those concerns have proven to be warranted as he’s now missed 14 games in his two seasons. Gregory is as talented as anyone, but won’t be able to contribute until he can clean these issues up.


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In order to become eligible to play in 2018, Gregory will have to apply for reinstatement — which can be no easy process in today’s power-crazed NFL. The Cowboys will await their second-round opponent, who is still up in the air since they will play the lower seed out of the winner of the two NFC Wild Card games.

Gregory is a vastly talented player, so hopefully he can get his life together to maximize his ability. This is certainly a big blow, but it may be the reality check he needs to focus back on football.

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