Offseason well underway

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Offseason well underway

The Titans talk is so strong right now. They already seem¬†to be one of the most interesting NFL teams this offseason This is new. Few wanted to discuss the worst and second worst team. It’s good. It’s wonderful. It’s evidence of progress and people wanting to “jump on the bandwagon.” (By the way, Cmon!)

This is significant for several early offseason topics.

Assuming the producers of the HBO show Hard Knocks want a compelling team to cover, yes, they seem to be the likely team to be on the show. It doesn’t mean the other teams aren’t. The Titans just seem to have a buzz about them now.


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It will matter for free agent interest, sure. NFL players want to join an up N’ coming team that should (theoretically) make the playoffs in 2017. The players all spoke positively their last day and as the season closed. The coach is getting praised as just missing Coach of the Year awards. The defensive coordinator is a legend. Nashville is a popular destination. I remember DeMarco Murray quotes how he fell in love with the city quickly after arriving. Yes, for a change, free agent players will be very interested in joining the Titans.

Yes, for a change, free agent players will be very interested in joining the Titans. Do the Titans want them? Is there a need on the roster? Is there some negative reason that the player is available? Does the incoming player have this mindset that coach Mike Mularkey and General Manager Jon Robinson have built within the team?

The Titans are stacked at running back with Derrick Henry and Murray. Suppose John Doe is a wonderful free agent running back. The Titans will not go after him. Suppose John Doe doesn’t have the team first, tough, dedicated, “exotic smashmouth” mentality. The Titans will not be interested. Was John Doe in trouble with the law or late to every practice? The Titans will not be interested.

Naturally, only Jon Robinson himself knows how he thinks. People need to take on some of the information he has given us though. Let’s not project the Titans to sign 53 new players or the cast from that Chris Rock Adam Sandler prison movie. Try to keep some perspective.

NOT turning over the roster is significant. I absolutely feel for Browns fans, Rams fans, and 49ers fans that will watch this happen. It is a sign of progress that the Titans won’t do this for a change.

As far as backups in the NFL draft. I believe that every NFL team should be more than capable of drafting backups at any position. Could the Titans add a backup….yes, to every single question.¬†Filling holes in the roster with starters is where things get dicey.

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