Martellus Bennett a Patriot beyond this season?

Martellus Bennett
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The New England Patriots made a big pickup this past offseason with the acquisition of tight end Martellus Bennett. Both a character and a hell of a football player, Martellus Bennett has found a home in New England as a Patriot and has become a key member of the franchise. But will the New England Patriots be able to keep Bennett beyond his one year contract?


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The New England Patriots’ plan of using both Martellus Bennett and fan favorite tight end Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski in unison this season was a unique undertaking and never completely realized. When seen together on the football field, Bennett and Gronk created a unique dynamic in the Patriots’ offense and worked well as a tight end duo. Then Gronk’s season ending back injury took place and left Martellus Bennett as the key tight end for the Patriots.

With the injury prone Rob Gronkowski sidelined, Martellus Bennett has become the main threat at tight end for the Patriots. His skill in both the run blocking and receiving game has been evident since the start of his tenure with the New England Patriots and it would be a shame to see Martellus Bennett walk out of New England just as quickly as he entered.

The question will be how much is head coach Bill Belichick willing to pay Martellus Bennett to stay in New England and will Bennett be willing to give the Patriots a friendly discount?

Bennett recently expressed his feelings about being a New England Patriot and his potential future with the franchise.

“I love it here. We’ll figure it out when it’s time to figure it out, but my family loves it here. I love being part of this team, this organization and this city, so when it comes around it comes around,” he said. “I ain’t really tripping, like I said. I save my money pretty good. I have a good, diverse portfolio, so I ain’t really tripping right now.”

If Marty B is happy in New England and the money is right, Patriots’ fans can hope to see Bennett back in their team’s uniform next season.

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