Redskins make a predictable change with DC Barry

Washington Redskins
Dec 13, 2015; Chicago, IL, USA; A detailed view of the Washington Redskins helmet before the game against the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field. Mandatory Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Redskins parted ways with defensive coordinator Joe Barry and is looking for a new defensive coordinator. This fan, writer, agrees with that coaching change. However, let’s do give Joe Barry some credit as his defense was better than Jim Haslett’s defense and he did have team injuries that had a negative effect.

In 2013, our Haslett Defense allowed 478 enemy points, and in 2014 allowed 438 points. In 2015 and 2016, Joe Barry defenses gave up less points (379 and 383). I do feel the season ending injuries to Junior Galette and DeAngelo Hall and others did play a factor. Having said that and in Barry’s defense, he failed to stop the run game of other teams with his 3-4 scheme, and the lack of an attacking defense allowed opposing quarterbacks to have time to go through their progressions, plant their feet and throw accurately.

In my view, the defense played exceptionally well in just 3 games all season. Yes, there was improvement, but numbers do not lie.

Superbowl teams defensive units only allow less that 20 points a game on average for the season, and about 320 points or less allowed. If our defense had held the opponents to less than 20 points a game, we would have been 11 + 5 or 12 and 4 or better if our offense had better redzone efficiency.

I personally would like to see our Washington Redskins go back to a 4-3 defense with a front 4 who can sack and get pressure themselves, leaving the other 7 defenders to pass defend and implement blitzes. I know its a passing league and the rules favor the offense, but when a quarterback is pressured he hurries and is not as accurate. He is even less accurate when his “clock is cleaned” a couple of times by 300 lb pass-rushers. Its hard to find a Dez or OBJ when you are sacked. “Coverage sacks” are necessary also, meaning our secondary has their receivers so well covered the quarterback doesn’t risk an interception and throws the ball away which usually makes for “3 and outs”.

A 4-3 defense is better at stopping the run since “gap integrity” is easier to maintain than being double teamed by pulling guards to take the nose-tackle out of the play, opening up the middle, causing the secondary to come up to make a tackle. Secondary defenders have less chance of stopping a running-back at full speed than a lineman does.

Bottom line, size matters.


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Usually about 100 lbs difference between a d-line tackler and a secondary tackler and 6 yards gained.

A defense allowing only 20 points or less with out explosive offensive would have this team in championship games. So, in 2017 our General Manager Scot McCloughan who loves physical, young, smart, stingy defenses will draft defense in 2017 NFL Draft and bring in exceptional defensive players that will fit the scheme of the new Defensive Coordinator. It is KEY that the players fit his system. When you see our team keeping the opposition under 20 points a game, expect to see us in the playoffs and possibly in the NFC Championship game and Super Bowl. We are not that far away!

In summary, give quarterback Kirk Cousins a long term deal, keep Pierre Garcon, Jordan Reed, Vernon Davis, Niles Paul, Jamison Crowder, Rashad Ross, Ryan Grant, Maurice Harris. If Josh Doctson is 100 percent and back to his TCU college form, develope him and an “X” or “Y” receiver and leaping high red-zone target.

Of course, I feel we need to draft a left guard for the O-line. I feel we have potentially 3 All-Pro offensive lineman at this time, but need to be able to dominate the line of scrimmage on both side of the ball. Our running-game improved in 2016, but not enough to suit me and I feel left guard was the weak link that allowed penetration to stop our run.

On defense I hope we keep Ryan Kerrigan, Trent Murphy, Mason Foster, Preston Smith, Martrell Spaight, Josh Norman to mention a few of my favorites. I do feel those guys will excel under a new defensive coordinator in a 4-3 scheme.

Time for all Washington Redskins fans to see that our team is trending upward and we have a winning team in management. We have consistency at quarterback and head coach with Kirk Cousins and Jay Gruden. We have one of the best General Managers in the NFL who has given our team youth, depth, and a strong foundation to build on.

Our 2017 team will be stronger on defense, more productive in the redzone and will take back the NFC East Division, so the “future is now” and looks bright. Let’s have FUN and watch GM Scot McCloughan wheel and deal in the 2017 NFL Draft and get us players with FIRE IN THE BELLY TO WIN.


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