Seattle Seahawks Daily Dose of Pain: Tuesday January 10

Marcel Reece
Seahawks FB Marcel Reece rumbles, young man, he rumbles.

Your daily dose of the most negative news in the Seattle Seahawks universe: injuries.

Not much has changed in the land of the walking wounded, and when you’re headed into the second week of the postseason, that’s good news. For myself, I sadly didn’t see La La Land, nor did I get a Wendy’s Junior with Swiss. Hopefully those of you who bet the under on that cleaned up. On to the report!

Player: Marcel Reece

Fullback Reece injured his foot in the first round playoff game versus the Detroit Lions, but it appears he’ll be ready for Saturday’s matchup against the Falcons. Coach Carroll said Reece practiced today, and is expected to play with little (if any) ill effects. If you don’t think this is big news, reflect on this: Thomas Rawls set the Seahawks’ single game postseason rushing record against Detroit. Marcel Reece was in the backfield for 33 of those snaps. During his four regular season games, Reece saw action for 12, 10, 12, and 18 plays, and was split out in his college position, wide receiver, for many of those. The Seahawks running game has been pretty anemic, until Saturday’s breakout performance. So you tell me: was Seattle’s running game better served with the 250 pound fullback leading Thomas Rawls on almost half the snaps? Don’t worry, Detroit knows the answer, and hopefully Atlanta will too.


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Player: Tony McDaniel

There is no news yet on defensive tackle McDaniel, who remains under the auspices of the league’s concussion protocol. It would certainly help the Hawks’ depth to get him back on the field in Atlanta. Perhaps the Dolphins’ Matt Moore could fly in and provide lessons on how to survive a near-death experience. I mean, not like Moore’s busy now. He is lucky to have all his teeth, as he himself said after that crazy hard hit by Bud Dupree versus the Steelers.

Player: C. J. Prosise

Come on now, you knew there would be an update on Prosise! The rookie running back participated in the morning walkthrough, and was expected to take the field for practice in the afternoon. Coach Pete Carroll stated that the only way Prosise will see any game action is if he’s able to go full speed in practice. That certainly makes sense, as he’d be far more likely to be injured again if he’s at less than full strength, nor would he be able to help the Seahawks that much anyway. Hopefully Prosise will be ready for his first action in almost two months.

That’s it, folks; a blessedly brief injury list. We’ll keep you updated on the status of the weekly star of the Daily Dose of Pain, Mr. Prosise, along with any other changes of course. Until next time, go Hawks!

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