Bill Belichick: DeAndre Hopkins is always open

DeAndre Hopkins
Image courtesy of, TX, 12/13/15) New England Patriots cornerback Logan Ryan tips the ball away from Houston Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins during the second half of the NFL game at NRG Stadium on December 13, 2015. Staff photo by Matt Stone

What do Denny’s and DeAndre Hopkins have in common? Bill Belichick says DeAndre Hopkins is always open and with Denny’s, well, that speaks for itself.


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Bill Belichick had high praise for the Houston Texans’ wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins speaking of how difficult DeAndre Hopkins is to cover in the passing game even comparing him to Larry Fitzgerald, high praise from Belichick to his upcoming divisional round opponent.

Belichick doesn’t shy away from his opinions of the skillsets of his opponents. In fact, as a head coach, it is Belichick’s job to make sure that he evaluates all the threats that his opponents present to the New England Patriots. DeAndre Hopkins happens to be a big threat in the passing game and BB is addressing the issue of covering Hopkins on Saturday.

When speaking about Hopkins, Bill Belichick had the following to say regarding the Houston Texans’ wide receiver.

“I’d say the big thing for him is his hands and his catch radius,” Belichick said Tuesday. “Even when he’s covered, he’s not covered. He can reach and catch the ball somewhere where the defender can’t quite get it when it’s thrown there. He’s a tough guy to bring down after the catch. He has good size. …

“He’s got great hands — great hands, length, timing, like a (Larry) Fitzgerald type of player. Even when you’re on him, he still catches a lot of them. He’s got guys draped all over him, he still catches a lot of balls like Larry does.”

DeAndre Hopkins is an excellent player and covering him on Saturday night will be key to a New England Patriots’ victory. Expect to see Belichick and Matt Patricia doing everything in their power to cover the elite wide receiver when the Houston Texans ride into Foxborough this weekend.

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