Cowboys Must Stick To Regular Season Model For Playoff Success

A simple method to success doesn't need to change for a hot Packers team

Oct 16, 2016; Green Bay, WI, USA; Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott (21) carries the ball as Green Bay Packers linebacker Nick Perry (53) tackles in the fourth quarter at Lambeau Field. Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys have done the same thing every game this season, and it has netted them the number one seed in the entire NFC conference. So why change now?

Well, the world is gaga over Aaron Rodgers, as I documented yesterday (breaking news, right?) but Dallas has an ace in the hole. And that is the confidence of knowing they dominated Green Bay earlier this season at Lambeau Field. Dallas literally embarrassed a reeling Packers team. The only problem is, people don’t seem to be remembering it correctly.

That Packers were reeling BECAUSE the Cowboys beat them, not the other way around. They finished 10-6, first in the NFC North. In other words, they’re a really good team. Yet, they got beat by the Cowboys and their rookie duo: Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott, and it wasn’t even close! But sure, it was just one game.

Don’t get carried away, one game is not a future predictor of success or any concrete indication of how this game is going to turn out. Who thought that elite Giants defense was going to give up four TD passes to Aaron Rodgers? But Dallas has a better formula than Green Bay has. Both are great franchises, with fantastic personnel people, but Dallas is the NFL’s Golden State Warriors this season (check out my NBA-NFL Playoff team comparison).


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Dallas is going to show up, stretch their legs on the JerryWorld turf. Then, when the game starts, they will walk out onto the field (after receiving the ball first, of course) on offense and Dak Prescott will hand it off to Ezekiel Elliott. Elliott will run up the gut for 4-8 yards. They will slowly walk back up to the line, milk the clock and, on the next play, Dak is going to hand it off to Elliott, who will get 4-14 yards.

Milking more clock, Prescott will walk up, fake a handoff to Elliott, roll out to his right and hit Cole Beasley for 11-yards. You see, it’s not about tricking the Packers or doing something different than last time. Thirty-one other teams witnessed Dallas draft three first-round offensive lineman, and then Elliott 4th-overall.

Even if Tony Romo was there, the game-plan wouldn’t be any different. That was the point of using all those draft picks. All for this moment. To run the ball. To milk the clock. To score lots of points. And to keep Aaron Rodgers, Matt Ryan and Tom Brady off of the field. To take off pressure from an underrated defense.

So now that the big moment has nearly arrived, this is NOT the time to change course. Dance with the girl who brought you here. In this case, – it’s the offensive line. Run the ball. Don’t be worried about matching Rodgers’ prolific arm talent. He’s going to make all-time great throws, but he can’t do anything when he’s on the bench (except wave to his parents).

This moment is what THIS team was built for! To finally get past mediocrity, and back to the promised land of the 1990’s. Garrett just needs to keep feeding Zeke until he carries the Cowboys to the NFC Championship game.

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