Debating the future status for the Colts


The Indianapolis Colts are coming off their second 8-8 season in a row. Fans are clamoring for the heads of Ryan Grigson and Chuck Pagano. Jim Irsay has been silent, which is leading everyone to believe that there will be no changes going in to next year.

At this point, what options do the Colts have? Yes, Pagano and Grigson are 8-8 the last two years, but how many teams in the NFL have had losing seasons for much more than two years? There has been a handful of coach firings since the end of the season. But would any of those coaches be better than Pagano?

There are many former head coaches that are current assistants/offensive coordinators/defensive coordinators that would like another shot at coaching. Are they really an answer or option? Remember most of them were fired for having multiple sub .500 seasons. The odds of starting fresh with a rookie head coach are not very good.

But, could there be another Adam Gase out there? Gase has the Dolphins at 10-6, in the playoffs and the youngest head coach in the NFL at 38 years old, and he did not even play football in college or the NFL. Maybe a current head college coach would be the answer, Jim Harbaugh anyone? Seem to remember him doing pretty well in San Fransisco, plus was Andrew Luck’s coach at Stanford.

Ryan Grigson could be replaced easier than Pagano, but the odds of the Colts finding another Bill Polian are pretty slim. This is where Irsay might want to give Peyton Manning a shot. He couldn’t be much worse than what Indy has now. Manning has always seemed to get the best out of his teammates, and he could probably do the same with the Colts. John Elway has done a great job in Denver.

How many former players could Manning get as coaches? He could probably call Reggie Wayne and Robert Mathis and have them on staff in a matter of minutes. How many free agents would want to come to Indy with a chance of working with Peyton? Pretty sure receivers would love to work with a quarterback like Andrew Luck too.

As far as everyone is thinking for now, things will remain the same, but fans do not want a repeat next year. If changes are not made, fans will be left thinking “what if?” after another 8-8 season.

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