Four Owners Control the Oakland Raiders’ Relocation Fate


Today, Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis meets with members of the NFL stadium and finance committee to discuss the Raiders’ relocation bid to Las Vegas. Davis needs to show that Las Vegas is simultaneously feasible and possesses long-term stability. With that said, there is serious convincing that needs to happen to reach the 75 percent needed for moving. Correspondingly, these are the six owners that Davis must contend with in order to make these plans work.

Stephen Jones:  The son of Dallas Cowboys’ owner Jerry is quite the football man. Initially, critics scoffed at him being the product of nepotism. Yet, through his keen drafting, he’s turned Dallas into a contender. Jones will vote the way he father wishes. Of late, Jerry sees Las Vegas as a viable option. This bodes well for Mark Davis.

Mark Wilf: Another offspring of a billionaire, Mark Wilf runs the Minnesota Vikings. Where Davis loses is the fact that the Wilf strong-armed the State of Minnesota into forking over millions for their palatial new facility, US Bank Stadium. Wilf presents the picture of staying in your home market, only after threatening to move, but not making any concrete plans. The Vikings are the current poster boys for manipulating local governments to bend to your will, in order to keep a franchise.


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Bob McNair: From the start of any attempt to leave Oakland, Texans’ owner Bob McNair appears against it. On record, McNair voices loud opposition to the Raiders doing much of anything. For instance, during the ill-fated Carson meeting McNair wasn’t onboard with any plan that Davis offered. Why does McNair have such strong feelings about this? He claims league integrity and the Raiders moving twice before. The Houston Texans were not a gleam in the league’s eye when the Raiders left and returned. In reality, this appears to be personal.

Robert Kraft: Believe it or not, the owner of the New England Patriots supports Davis’ attempts to leave the Bay Area. Kraft seems unconcerned with gambling. He is consumed by the potential to make money, wherever, whenever. Kraft is a powerful ally to have in these meetings, as he can persuade other owners to follow his lead.

Ultimately, three-fourth of the owners must approve Mark Davis’ application for relocation. With the uncertainty of the Oakland plan, the likelihood of the team moving increases. Honestly, Mark Davis checked out of Oakland the minute Las Vegas put funds together. His heart is there. Call him whatever name you wish, but someone is building this team a stadium. He doesn’t appear to want Oakland as the Raiders’ home.  Nevertheless, it’s a hard fact to absorb. These four owners, for good and bad hold the key to the future of the Oakland Raiders.

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