Ravens end of season presser: Our Reactions

end of season presser
Steve Bisciotti is walking the walk. Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens brass–Team Owner Steve Bisciotti, GM Ozzie Newsome, Head Coach John Harbaugh, and President Dick Cass–took over an hour yesterday to address questions about the State of the Ravens heretofore, and going forward. Here are the Cover32/Ravens staff responses to the end of season presser.

Holt Smith, Lead Intern Writer

I think the management hit the head of the nail here, they brought through clear cut reasons as to why/why not they would make moves. They understood the frustration that the fans felt because it was mutual, Bisciotti even said he may have been yelling at the tv to run the ball just like most of us were. Even though I don’t agree that Marty is the solution at OC I thought Steve made a great point about how just firing everyone isn’t a good solution. The rotating door at OC has been an issue for years as has undoubtedly hurt Joe in the long run, and Bisciotti recognizes this. I personally am giving this group another year or two to straighten things out, they took some steps in the right direction this year, and I’d love to see what they can do in the draft and Free Agency. This team may look fairly different next season with Bisciotti wanting results soon, and I hope that there can finally be some stability when it comes to management in this franchise.

Rich Hallstrom, Assistant Editor

Any Ravens fan should be very pleased with what they heard in the latest management press conference. Ozzie Newsome John Harbaugh and owner Steve Biscotti are clearly all on the same page. they realize it will take a team effort for the Baltimore Ravens to return to the playoffs. It’s clear to me that they recognize the frustration of the fans but are not willing to make any rash moves to increase their popularity. They recognize all the areas of concern and are taking full responsibility for every one of their actions. Biscotti also recognizes that firing everyone doesn’t guarantee success that includes any ridiculous notions that the fans have about the Ravens being better off without John Harbaugh. I would like to see the Ravens concentrate on building a stronger foundation through the draft too many teams put too much weight and expectation into free agency. Greg Roman would be an excellent addition to the Baltimore Ravens coaching staff.


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Chris Brown, Managing Editor

I saw a tweet where a fan said that they were much more relaxed after viewing this press conference. I agree. It has become an annual reminder of the fact that Steve Bisciotti is an excellent businessman, who has not rested on his success, but works out his acumen like a weightlifter works the machines. I agreed that Harbaugh should never be considered for removal at this point; now I have more ammo. Firing people is not the main solution nor is it the main motivation, according to Bisciotti. Neither is listening to the 10% of the fanbase that is perennially angry and wanting change, even right after change was made (Mornhinweg). I liked what I heard, and when character is the foundation of any venture, success is not far in the future. If Harbaugh does decide on Greg Roman as the offensive assistant, that would be reuniting Mornhinweg with his running mate of years past–literally, they were Top 10 every single year together–and we can not only anticipate a more successful running game, but a imaginative play list. People forget just how creative he (Mornhinweg) was in New York, and they had less talent on offense, especially at QB. I like the reasonable accountability that they held for Flacco. I was surprised that Bisciotti was mentioning Matt Elam in the same breath as Arthur Brown. That might be a little window into the future. More than anything, I came away thinking that the future is bright for this regime, this roster, these Ravens.

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