Seattle Seahawks Daily Dose of Pain: Saturday January 14

C. J. Prosise
C.J. Prosise may see the field this Saturday after all.

Your daily dose of the most negative news in the Seattle Seahawks universe: injuries.

Just a quick update, boys and girls. All of the information from Thursday’s report is valid, with the exception of…

Player: C. J. Prosise

Unfortunately the rookie running back was not quite ready for his first game in months. While he made it through practice with no problems, the coaching staff judged he isn’t quite there yet. If we’re going to see Prosise in action, it will be in the conference championship game. Let’s hope!

Player: Marcel Reece

As you may have read in the previous edition, the veteran fullback was instrumental in the Seahawks’ battering rushing attack against the Detroit Lions last week. A key factor in beating the Atlanta Falcons will be to keep the league-leading scoring machine off the field, and there’s no better way to do that than tote the rock. Always wanted to write that; has an almost visceral feel; “tote the rock”. Which I promptly ruined by writing “visceral”. Ah well. The good news is, Reece has shown no lingering effects from his foot injury, and is expected to help open lanes for Thomas Rawls – and perhaps Mr. Prosise as well. Let’s not forget that Reece was a wide receiver at U-Dub, and caught a career high 52 passes for the Raiders in 2012. He’s been targeted five times this season, and caught all five for a sparkling 14.4 yard average. The Falcons just might get caught napping.


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Player: Tony McDaniel

Defensive tackle McDaniel cleared the league’s concussion protocol, and will be on the field Saturday. I’ve run out of semi-humorous things to say, so I’ll just mention that for a guy who signed with his first team in 2006 as an undrafted free agent, 11 seasons is one heck of a career.

Paul Richardson

Wide receiver Richardson had an issue with his foot, but has put in two full practices and is expected to be just fine for Saturday’s game. I imagine the issue with his foot was that it lacked the amazing gripping power of his left hand, was reprimanded, sulked a bit, but then came back 100 percent committed to victory.

Jeron Johnson

Jeron Johnson? Now, if you’re not a diehard fan of the Hawks you may be wondering just who Mr. Johnson is. Well first, if you’re not a diehard Hawks fan, then why are you reading this? Go on now, read about thumb-wrestling or something. Now that we’ve gotten rid of the riff-raff… it’s not all about the stars, especially on this team! Mr. Johnson, a special teams specialist and occasional strong safety, was limited earlier with a minor knee injury. Minor, as in it was still attached to his upper leg. He’s set to give his all against the inferior raptors this Saturday.

Until next time, go Seahawks!

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