Vance Joseph is a better hire than you may believe


The Denver Broncos surprised some (myself included), after hiring Miami Dolphins coordinator Vance Joseph to be their next head coach. The Dolphins defense was ranked fourth-last in the NFL this season and had an ugly exit in the playoffs against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Also, it was obvious to some that Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan was the right fit for this team. His father, Mike, coached the Broncos to a pair of Super Bowls and Kyle is kind of really smart at running a high-flying offense. That’s exactly what the Broncos need.

But Joseph should be known as a defensive guru. He was the Houston Texans defensive backs coach from 2011-2013. They were ranked second in 2011 and seventh-overall the following two seasons. Jonathan Joseph (no relation), Danieal Manning and others made Houston a competitive team during those years.

Joseph was the Cincinnati Bengals defensive coordinator in 2014 and 2015 – where they finished 11th in the latter season and allowed just 17.4 points per game.

So the catch is…? The Broncos identity is on defense, and they simply have to maintain that. Didn’t the 2013 Broncos get crushed in the Super Bowl but didn’t the 2015 Broncos dominate in Super Bowl 50?

There’s a chance the Broncos don’t keep Wade Phillips, and few men are as qualified as Joseph to run one of the NFL’s most dominant defenses the way Bum’s son did…or does? The Broncos offense will not improve until John Elway trades for Tony Romo (seriously), adds another pass-catcher and brings in more pieces for the offensive line.

Getting Joseph on board was just a starting point for the Broncos. Even though you probably wanted them to hire an offensive guru, trust that Elway made the right call. And that Joseph will keep running a championship-caliber defense, regardles of whether or not Phillips comes back.

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