2016 CFL INT Leader still loves Ravens; Opines recent signings

CFL Star Maurice Leggett plays like a Raven (named Reed). -- Photo from Bluebombers.com by Johany Jutras

It must be hard for Maurice Leggett, decorated CFL Safety for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. He led the CFL in Interceptions this season with 7, and a whopping 3 returned for TDs. He caused a strip-sack fumble in the CFL equivalent of the divisional playoffs, on the road. He is an All-Star. And he loves the Baltimore Ravens, a fact that he made clear to Cover32/Ravens back in August. Yet, he recently saw a tweet from his father informing him that his beloved Ravens have signed a defensive back from another team.

Of course, being the stand-up team leader he is, Leggett told Cover32/Ravens that the players signed have an upside.

The Ravens announced the signings of linebacker Boseko Lokombo and defensive back Otha Foster from the Canadian Football League, and Leggett is familiar with them both. “Lokombo is a special teams guy,” Leggett said. “He was a backup at his position, but showed something on special teams.” The linebacker was a Western Division All-Star for the B.C. Lions in 2015 at the special teams position, and had another productive year this past fall.

Leggett’s tenor rose a little when talking about Foster, the defensive back. “He played in the slot, which in my opinion, is the hardest position on the field. He was a solid player out there.”

Leggett plays deep in the defensive backfield, so he has a bird’s eye view of everything in front of him, and he knows players that do well from players that don’t. “I don’t know him personally, but I’ve definitely seen his work, and the man can play this sport. I think he has a chance to be successful in the NFL if he continues to work hard. The Ravens may have just gotten a steal.”

Taylor played two years (2014-2015) for the Edmonton Eskimos, and then the last season for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. In the latter, he equaled his career total for INTs and surpassed his personal record for tackles. What is interesting is that Leggett called him a slot, but the CFL website calls him a LB.  Taylor won a CFL Grey Cup championship with Edmonton in 2015.


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Now, let’s get back to Leggett. What does it take for him to draw attention from Charm City?! Previously, Cover32/Ravens approached him about the hypothetical of him playing in Baltimore and he clearly welcomed the concept. He reiterated that Ozzie Newsome is a man that has his respect, and although he is very content in Winnipeg, he would be honored to come to Baltimore if approached. “Hey, the Ravens have always had my respect. I like the guys they have playing back there, too; Weddle is a beast.”

Just look at some of the highlights from Leggett’s monster year:





His Blue Bombers went 11-7 and lost by one point on the road in their divisional round. But, not because of a lack of effort from #31:





Leggett has a very humble demeanor. The 30-year old is very active on Twitter and clearly has the heart of the Blue Bomber fans.

“Let’s be honest. I was born in America, I love America. And I love the Ravens. If they took a chance on me, I would give it my all, and that’s real.”

As for the two former CFLers, Reserve/future contracts are designed for players who were not on an active NFL roster at the end of the previous season, and this designations includes free agents like as Lokombo, as well as practice-squad players.

Those on reserve/futures contracts aren’t officially added to a team’s offseason roster until the the new league year begins on March 9th. From there, they must win a spot.

One wonders, though, what it would take for Leggett to simply earn a chance. His case has been made loudly and clearly, don’t you think?

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