Buffalo Bills: Things we know this week

Taking a look at the things we know this week about the Buffalo Bills.

Buffalo Bills
Sep 13, 2015; Orchard Park, NY, USA; A general view of a helmet worn by the Buffalo Bills before a game against the Indianapolis Colts at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

The immeasurable disclosure dispatched with intense excitement (yes sarcasm) via One Bills Drive came from the fact that the team was not announcing resolution to constant ongoing discussed issues surrounding the enormous question mark at quarterback, an overpriced yet desperately needed freeagent pro-bowl cornerback, lack of depth at wide receiver soon to potentially be worsened if Robert Woods chases his payday, franchise tags which equal top player money, numerous upcoming unrestricted and restricted free agents or even salary cap complications.

Instead the information provided is that the eight year NFL veteran linebacker and former North Dakota State standout, Ramon Humber, agreed to terms with Buffalo to keep him here after a successful team leading 12 special teams tackle season. We all know this is not some nationally covered contract renewal like the inking of Marcell Dareus or Jerry Hughes last year.

It is also not a ticket seller/attention seeking outside signing as it was when the key to the city was handed to Terrell Owens. Ramon Humber had such a solid year on special teams, but he was signed for the veteran league minimum and will not be broadcasted throughout the free world like it was when Mario Williams came for a visit and never left.

Walk with me friends as I do the old ‘digress two step trot’, (my legendary little distraction dance I borrowed from the classic movie Clerks, not to be confused with Clerks 2 or Clerks. the cartoon) heading full throttle off the pure adrenalin writing about that enormous signing by the Bills.

I am really going to have to start hanging around that “Little Stinker” Devon Hooks more often. Devon is extremely rational and becomes even more rational as he puts back the Bacardi and cokes. I sense too much of ‘Negative Stanley’ and the dark side inching its way into my thoughts, hopes and dreams but most importantly where I need to put my foot down…. Negativity is inching its way into my writing about….


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Things We Know about the Buffalo Bills This Week:

R = Road Less Productions Rare avocation

A live play is soon to hit the theatre district’s revolving around the life and career of Thurman Thomas. All Pro, Pro bowler, AFC Champion, should have been Super bowl 25 MVP, local charity celebrity and of course a first-ballot Hall of Famer. Never in his wildest dreams did he envision having his life told on stage including his illustrious career. “The Life of Thurman Thomas” debuts in June of this year at 500 Pearl Street as tickets go on sale in March. Good idea for a date night? Boys night? Not interested at all?

Outlook: Similar to the movie Buffalo 66 and Almost a Dynasty, I believe this already becomes a must see for adults who followed Thurman’s entire career. Who knows, maybe it has Broadways name on it someday. Broadway in the Big Apple, not by the Broadway Market.

S = Sign Kenny Britt

Former first round pick by the Rams, Kenny Britt is soon to become an unrestricted free agent. The Bills have shown a tad interested in him in the past, but the opportunity is now.  He is coming off a close to 70 catch season with a horrible team that just relocated. His earlier years some claim to have proven him a bust, but he has size, speed and skill.

The Bills should act fast on him because they have no one worth mentioning after Sammy Watkins. I am confident Robert Woods is going to get “SHOWN THE MONEY” which Buffalo is in no position to do.

Outlook: Britt goes elsewhere due to Buffalo’s lack of commitment to a pass first offense and salary cap restrictions.

T = The Time Has Come

Experts in football as well as analytics have predicted the Bills to make a substantial improvement on their record next season. This is based on many many factors, but the stressed example is that the Bills had so many games decided by a missed kick, one point games, injuries galore as well as the defense performing at such an underachieving level.

They also take into consideration how reliable the rushing attack was. I still get skeptical predicting vast improvement based on how many free agents Buffalo has the potential and will most likely lose. Some of these players who will not be here are very talented performing players that are not a phone call away to replace.

The time has come for Buffalo to pick up the phone and call up Tony Romo explaining to him how he could come here and be the savior just by winning enough games to sneak into a wild card spot. The time has come for Romo to play for the love of the game. The time has come for Tony Romo to hold off on the injuries and play a full season in Buffalo. He could repeat the performance in some way that Drew Bledsoe did so many years ago, allowing the Bills to become an instant contender.

The problem I see here besides us being really worried about the surgeries of the past and injuries of the future is that he has never won a super bowl. At 37 years old a Super Bowl ring is much more important that being responsible for ending a two-decade playoff drought.

Outlook: Tony Romo plays in high altitude and makes a serious run at the Super Bowl in Denver. Denver becomes the team that wins Super Bowls on their quarterbacks finishing their career on top due to a strong defense. If you think about it, John Elway did not win his first Super Bowl until his last two seasons in football when he finally got a great running game. Peyton went out mediocre but a world champion and Romo is going to follow that path to gain more respect for his very good career by winning the big game.

Even More Outlook: Romo goes to Denver. Tyrod finds the payer he is looking for as a starter in the league. Buffalo signs Mike Glennon to bridge the gap to Cardale Jones. Bills miss the playoffs as Glennon needs much more time to throw completions than the Bills Solid offensive run first offensive line can provide.

U = Undervalue missed opportunities

I was as big a critic in the living room and behind the scenes as anyone, except Stan, of course. I just heard a statistic that made me sick to my stomach. Robert Woods, Shady McCoy and Sammy Watkins were only on the field at the same time this past season five times. FIVE TIMES! That is four less times than Ferris Bueller missed days of school his senior year.

With the Bills running attack, tough offensive line, and a quarterback who can at the very least keep plays alive, the Bills should have been in the playoffs overcoming the regular amount of injuries. The team was assembled to have the dynamic wide out in Watkins being all over the field, the precise route runner and reliable handed Robert Woods and McCoy on the field controlling the tempo of the game. Instead they took turns having backups fill in for them.

Sign Robert Woods if you can and if not make a strong play for Britt. Stop hoping Sammy will suddenly become iron when to this point he has been weak glass. That does not mean he has not been the MVP on the field. That just means he can’t lead in certain ways when he is always injured.

Outlook: Bills draft a young wide receiver and keep none of the relevant receiver’s currently on the roster except for Sammy who just may have a hang nail in his future that could sideline him for weeks. Bring back Percy Harvin… Kidding.

Step Up Buffalo Bills. Step Up.

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