Pros and cons of the Bears trading for Jimmy Garoppolo

Feb 5, 2017; Houston, TX, USA; New England Patriots quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (10) celebrates following the game against the Atlanta Falcons during Super Bowl LI at NRG Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Jay Cutler era in Chicago is all but over, and the Bears are going to have to move on very soon. The Bears are going to have to find their franchise quarterback this offseason to help propel them back into a competitive team. Can Jimmy Garoppolo be that guy?

Why the Bears should trade for him:

The Bears need a quarterback. Plain and simple. In order to have any success in this league, you’re going to need a good quarterback. Teams are winning championships now because of the quarterback play. For example: The Patriots and Tom Brady. They have built a dynasty with their stellar quarterback play, and that has happened with players that get cut on other teams. I am not taking anything away from Bill Belichick, but if it weren’t for Brady being a great quarterback, the Patriots would not have won the same amount of championships. Jimmy Garoppolo has experience under Brady AND Belichick, so that definitely helps him in his development as a quarterback. You can’t take those experiences for granted in this league because with quarterbacks, that could be a major step in order for them to succeed.

Garoppolo’s price could be a bit steep, but if Ryan Pace strongly believes he is the right quarterback for Chicago, then I would be fine if Pace were to give up some picks for him. Quarterbacks have the most value in this league and you should do anything if you know you can get that franchise guy. And why can’t he be the guy for Chicago? Garoppolo was born in Illinois, grew up a Bears fan and went to school in Eastern Illinois (so did Pace). He would be an instant star in Chicago, which would be a completely different feel than it was with Jay Cutler. That’s what Chicago needs. They just need to completely move on from Jay Cutler and be ready for the next era in Chicago Bears history.


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Why the Bears should not trade for him:

The Bears also have more holes on the roster that they need to cover. They lack a real playmaker on defense and need a lot more depth in the secondary. Trading for Jimmy Garoppolo would most likely rid the Bears of multiple high-round picks, and that could really set the Bears back on defense, considering how deep this draft class is. There will be tons of great defensive talent falling into the second round and even the third round. My guess is that the Bears would give up a second and more for Garoppolo if they do want to trade for him. The Bears can simply draft their quarterback and then use their other picks on defensive talent in the secondary, since this is one of the deepest classes in recent history.

Also, Garoppolo has very little experience in the NFL, as he has only thrown 94 passes in his career. That is very concerning and should make Pace think twice about giving up multiple picks for the quarterback. Do they really think that that small sample size of games is worth trading the farm for? That’s something Pace and the staff have to ask themselves in this crucial offseason.

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