Redskins Tag Kirk Cousins For Second Straight Season

Kirk Cousins QB, Washington Redskins
Dec 19, 2016; Landover, MD, USA; Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins (8) leaves the locker room prior to the game against the Carolina Panthers at FedEx Field. Mandatory Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, February 28th, our Washington Redskins placed the “exclusive franchise tag” on our starting quarterback ‘Captain’ Kirk Cousins. Let us analyze the tag so we can examine the details closely. First of all the word “exclusive” franchise tag ensures that no other NFL team can negotiate with Cousins without the permission of the Washington Redskins. The Redskins can still trade Kirk Cousins if they choose to do so. Cousins and the Redskins have until the deadline date of July 15th to sign a long term contract.

Because he’s drawing the tag for a second consecutive season, Cousins’ tender is expected to be valued at $23.94 million — 120 percent of his 2016 salary.

I support our owner, Dan Snyder, and President Bruce Allen along with General Manager Scot McCloughan. I believed they would sign Kirk Cousins before now but I was wrong. However, I do believe they will sign him to a long term deal before the deadline, July 15th, 2017. That is my opinion. Unlike other writers I will let you know when something I write is fact and when it is my opinion. I do not use fictitious “anonymous sources” some unethical writers make up to support their article.

In my opinion Redskins will sign Cousins because they do not want to get kicked in the butt by the same mule twice. By not signing him last year it will cost them much more money. They probably underestimated the market and did not expect it to go up that high. They had logical reasons to hesitate. Kirk Cousins only had one great half a season, the second half of 2015. So they put the franchise tag on Cousins and he played under it in 2016. Cousins himself proved they underestimated his value also. Of all the NFL quarterbacks with at least 500 attempted passes Kirk Cousins is currently the NFL’s highest-rated passer (104.7) since midseason of 2015. He threw for nearly 5,000 yards in 2016 regular season.


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Another reason the Washington Redskins need to PAY THE MAN is because he knows the complex system since he has been in that system for two years as a starter. He has become an elite quarterback in my opinion. Our defense coordinator Joe Barry is the main reason that Kirk Cousins did not lead our Redskins to the playoffs for the 2nd straight season. There were other reasons but the point is Kirk Cousins quarterback play was very good.

I blame the Red Zone inefficiency on bad playcalling inside the 30’s. Besides we have come this far and I know it is bad to change horses in the middle of the river. It would set us back two or three years if we made a quarterback change. We also have about 65 million cap money and GM Scot McCloughan can save us another 6 million or so with his wheeling and dealing so PAY KIRK COUSINS. Lock him in! He is durable and played every game in 2015 and 2016.

I have studied the game since the 60’s and I studied Kirk Cousins progress since he was drafted in 2012 in the 4th round. I saw he improved and in 2015 when he finally practiced with the first team, starters, he got better and better, After overcoming his first 7 games in 2015, he made a giant leap in accuracy, timing with receivers, better footwork, confidence in his receivers and himself. His last 8 games of 2015, he threw 19 touchdowns and only 3 interceptions and took us to the playoffs. Although he worked hard, studied film, practiced hard, he also had great “coaching up by quarterback coach Matt Cavanaugh. Kirk had “arrived.”

In 2016, Cousins proved he was not average,mediocre anymore, With Cousins starting and Colt McCoy as backup, who also has been in the system 3 yrs now, we are good at the quarterback position. I support a long term deal for Cousins.

In 2017, I expect that our offense will run the ball more under a different offensive coordinator and Kirk will not have to carry the team on his arm as much. An upgrade on defense at nose-tackle, safety, and get more of a speed rush and our Redskins will be right back competing for the NFC East Division and be in the playoffs. We definitely need starting quarterback Kirk Cousins because “its Kirk’s Team.”

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