Some more light on potential Brandin Cooks trade

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Some more light on potential Brandin Cooks trade

At times, reports on twitter are a bit hard to decipher as to which reporter is the source. Sean Payton seems to have “changed his tune.” The New Orleans Saints coach is no longer stating that Cooks isn’t available, but instead that he must fetch a considerable return. Enough quality reporters stating this, I’m just unsure who originally broke it. has a story where the Patriots offered their first round pick for Cooks and were turned down.

To this point, at least five teams have made overtures to the Saints about the productive young receiver. In addition to the Tennessee Titans and Philadelphia Eagles, the New England Patriots are among the teams that have inquired about a potential Cooks deal.

This statement leaves two unnamed teams interested in trading for Cooks.


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The rumored trades earlier involved the Titans 18th pick, the Eagles 14th pick, and a trade down from 5th to 11th.

It seems safe to assume the Saints are looking for a middle of round one pick.

This also happened:


Charles Robinson “screen-shotted” that tweet exchange between the two Saints receivers. It does not appear to still be on twitter.That’s not good for the Saints.

This is not good for the Saints. This animosity between their star wide receivers does not lend to the notion of Cooks returning to the team in 2017.

During some other time of year, this probably would have triggered the Saints to hurry and make a deal. Trades can not begin until March 9th, 2017. This “ties hands” some and probably simply tells the Saints brass to tell their players to shush.

The March 9th limitation pretty much shuts down any “uh oh” or “now what will they do” type of talk. They simply can’t do anything until March 9th.

Now what?

Well, the “asking price” does seem to be set at a mid-first. The Patriots being rebuffed does mean that if they truly want Cooks badly enough, they will offer more. This would “raise the bar” and force the Titans and Eagles to “up” their offers. As such, the Patriots activity or inactivity holds the key here for the next four days.

What else?

Cooks wants “big money.” This has been clear since he first voiced his interest in being traded. Whichever team trades for him will need to be ready to open their pocketbook.


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