Buffalo Bills: Things we know this week

Taking a look at the things we know this week about the Buffalo Bills.

Buffalo Bills
Sep 13, 2015; Orchard Park, NY, USA; A general view of a helmet worn by the Buffalo Bills before a game against the Indianapolis Colts at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Methodical and Dynamic were two key words I took away from the interviews I listened to or read about from head coach Sean McDermott. Those two words really stuck in my short term memory, especially since the word my memory always seemed to remember was mediocrity.

It also has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Bill Polian made a recent comparison between Sean McDermott and Hall Of Fame Coach Marv Levy. Yes, Marv Levy was very methodical and true, he did assemble some dynamic coaching staffs.

That said, two quick thoughts come to mind with zero thought or effort. Number one being that Marv Levy is In the Hall Of Fame while Sean McDermott has consummated nothing as far as professional head coaching goes. Counter Debate number two is that Sean McDermott did not arrive into the waiting arms of a young Bruce Smith, Darryl Talley, Will Wilford, Jim Richer, Fred Smerlas, Andre Reed and many more waiting to be led to greatness.

Being in the right place at the right time says something when reinforcements arriveone after another by draft, trade and the folding of the USFL. Jim Kelly, Steve Tasker, Kent Hall, Cornelius Bennett, Shane Conlan, Thurman Thomas, Kent Hull and Keith McKellar are just a sample of the dynasty that Polian was agglomerated for his good friend Marv. Landing Ted Marchibroda as the Offensive Coordinator doesn’t hurt the cause either.

Methodical is how the Buffalo Bills head coach described how he operates in defending the team’s stance that they are still studying and debating which direction to go in regards to quarterback Tyrod Taylor. I would really be nervous about the quality of coaches, scouts and trainers had I really believed that they are still conducting their due diligence attempting to land the right decision on Tyrod.

The truth is quite simply that they are not 100 percent sold on Tyrod or they would just come right out and name him the guy. The lack of an overall unanimous decision has to do with some of Tyrod’s limitations which combine together with the amount of money they will need to pay him and the cap hit that will transpire.

They are waiting to the very last minute so they can take the couple of days they will have next week and see if they can come up with a better passing game by means of free agency or trade. I don’t think they would have decided to take the win now approach with Kyle Williams if they have intentions of Cardale Jones being the new starter.

That would certainly be a rebuild year from what I can gather and that is not the plan as the Bills believe they are very close to where they want to be…..   R  E  S  P  E  C  T  ..“Playoffs on the network TV.”

Without further delays I will put you out of your misery by finishing my alphabetical approach to…


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Things We Know About The Buffalo Bills This Week

X =  X marks the spot

Some of the concerns about Tyrod Taylor revolve around his accuracy. I am not opposed to keeping Taylor unless you have a better option, because I believe he still is improving after two seasons as a starter. Let us also not forget that the expensive contract people complain about would only make him the 20th highest paid quarterback in the league which is spot on to where I believe he is.

I value the time that he spent learning as backup in Baltimore, but some people need to be out there doing it to improve. Many rookie quarterbacks do not perform at an elite level until year three or four. Please do not forget that Jim Kelly had played pro ball in the USFL, Doug Flutie dominated the CFL for a decade and Drew Bledsoe was a Pro Bowler in New England all before joining Buffalo.

The concerns about lacking accuracy can be considered valid. He throws a very nice deep ball as we have seen, but the short to intermediate timing or anticipation passes where having a ‘touch’ on the ball is mandatory is somewhere he has struggled and experts say you do not teach that. The magic touch is a DNA acquired talent.

Now Tyrod makes a lot happen with his feet, but to consistently lead long drives down the field or game winning scores, some play action passes and over the middle plays have got to be part of the game. That is really the main concern of his critics as no one doubts his work ethic, athleticism, or leadership, but I believe many members of the Bills management desire a passing quarterback in this kind of league.

They must keep in mind that there is not even close to 32 human beings on the planet who can combine all of the needed skills and physical attributes along with the mental requirements to be a good NFL starting franchise quarterback. Not enough for each team to have one. Don’t get rid of your decent guy until you have found an upgrade.

Y = You don’t need an elite franchise quarterback

I disagree. In the olden days, you would occasionally get a Brad Johnson in Tampa or Trent Dilfer in Baltimore who managed the game. If you take a look at Super bowl winners in the new millennium, you have the Ben Roethlisberger’s and Tom Brady’s of the world under center.

The Ryan Fitzpatrick’s of the league are not in Super Bowls. I agree that if everything else goes perfect then you will have a recipe for making the playoffs with a player like Tyrod as your starter. However, If only one of area of the team goes amiss, coming up just shy of a wildcard spot sounds about right. Keeping enough of the 24 free agents to surround Tyrod with would be next to impossible

Z = Zero confidence

I do tend to agree with ‘Negative Stanley’ in that it feels like the moves the Bills make really give them zero chance of ending the playoff drought. They are going to lose some key players and they were not good enough with them. The reason I say that is because they do not know who their quarterback is going to be, again.

So many brighter spots have come to light over the past 17 years with huge free agency signings or excitement over draft choices as they still came up short. I used to think that a team would stumble into the playoffs by accident before a decade goes by missing the playoffs, but when you get to 15, 16 or 17, it really can get one thinking that we are no closer to the playoff today that were in 2001, and could be further.

It is funny how the Bills slump started around the time Tom Brady and Bill Belichick joined forces… Just Saying.

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