Along with Jeffery, Bears lose hope in free agency

Oct 20, 2016; Green Bay, WI, USA; Chicago Bears wide receiver Alshon Jeffery (17) catches a pass during warmups prior to the game against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

It’s gonna take a hell of a draft for me to be able to trust Ryan Pace again.

The Chicago Bears lost their number-one wide receiver in free agency today. Alshon Jeffery has departed for the Philadelphia Eagles. This news comes hours after Stephon Gilmore, a key target for the Bears, signed with the New England Patriots.

Can somebody say dumpster fire?

Pace let two elite targets slip through his hands because he refused to pay up. Despite having loads of cap space, his stubbornness has put them in a hole that they can’t get out of.

This level of stupidity is one that couldn’t even be topped by Phil Emery. Why on God’s green Earth would you pass on signing two players who are arguably among the best at their position? There is absolutely no logic behind Pace’s actions, unless they are to purposefully get fired.


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As talented player after talented player are coming off of the market, time is running out for the Bears to improve their team. Like I mentioned in my last article, Pace and John Fox are on the hot seat entering 2017. Their current roster does not look like an improvement over last year’s. And last year’s team went 3-13!

For years, I have been defensive of the Bears organization. I’ve mainly attributed their lack of succes to the putrid job Emery did as general manager. However, it is now apparent that they lack knowledge of what they are doing. It’s impossible to defend a front office this ignorant of how to fix a football team.

Bears fans have all the right to be upset today. In fact, I’d be surprised if there was a single fan on this planet that was happy with how their team is doing in free agency. They haven’t seen a playoff team since 2010. Their franchise lacks direction, their players lack talent and their front office lacks knowledge.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m the one who’s being ignorant, and maybe Ryan Pace has a master plan to bring the Bears back to the playoffs. Unless something big happens soon though, I’m convinced of it:

March 9th, 2017 will forever be known as the day that the Chicago Bears became the laughingstock of the NFL.

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  • Jeremy Alexander

    Jeffrey is one of the most overrated WR’s in the NFL. He is always injured, or suspended, and he loves dropping key 3rd down passes. If you want to overpay for that, then I’m glad you are not the Bears GM.