Seattle Events This Weekend for 12s


I never appreciated Seattle as much as I did when I moved back from Boston. That was, without a doubt, my height of appreciation for this city. I still appreciate her, but that real extreme, bone-deep appreciation can be fleeting. One way I have found to get that feeling back, at least in small measures, is to leave town and visit another city.

We recently visited Austin, Texas for a week. Before the trip, we did all this intense research to find out where to hear live music, who would be playing, what are the top-ten things to do in Austin, according to twenty-seven different websites, etc. I hardly pay Seattle that much attention, which I understand is a little ironic for a guy writing a “what’s happening” column about Seattle.

So if I were touring Seattle, what would I want to know about? Probably that “Dine Around Seattle” is going on until the 23rd! This gives diners a chance to try out some fancier restaurants that they otherwise might avoid. Participating restaurants (there are many) are offering a special fixed-price (i.e. discounted) menu. Have you been eyeballing that fancy Italian place downtown? Thinking you’ll make it there some day as soon as you get caught up on all the bills stacking up? This is your chance!


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Also, I might be interested in the walking tour of iconic 90’s music venues. This is going to be a boozy (21+) and nostalgic hike through the city’s center covering about two-and-a-half miles. Locations highlighted by this tour will be the Moore Theater, various locations once occupied by Sub Pop Records, and KEXP studios. One place they will not be visiting is the legendary Rock Candy. I once saw a blistering performance by the hardcore band Stretch Armstrong there in front an audience of about a baker’s dozen. Wear your busted-up Chuck Taylors, tie a flannel around your waste and get to know the city a little better. A tour like this will be happening rain or shine. It starts at the Moore and will cost you $35.

I wouldn’t want to miss the Bourbon and Bacon Fest taking place this Saturday 12 pm-4:30 pm and 5:30 pm-9:30 pm. Come do some serious sipping featuring some of the best North West distilleries: Cooper & Thief, Sazerac Rye, Buffalo Trace, 3 Howls and other up-and-comers. Drinking bourbon only with no food is unhealthy, so to remedy that there’s pork! Sample bacon or sausage from Uli’s, Hecho, and other local meat shops. I feel like I can smell this event even though it hasn’t happened yet. (But I can still smell it, can you?) Tickets are as follows: $35 is the “designated driver” price if you just wanna fill your maw with pork (no booze); $70 gets you 10 food tastes and 10 sips, plus a commemorative glass; $110 gets you in 90 minutes earlier then everyone else, 15 tastes and 15 sips, a festival bag and the glass. Come get fat and drunk!

As I plan my Seattle tour, I’d want to find something particularly Seattle-y. I’d ask myself “What do Seattleites do?” and I might try to do that. I might try to go to an evening of (literally) lying on the floor listening to live contemplative music by candlelight, featuring the soothing sounds of different local musicians. Bring your own pillows/cushions/blankets, silence your phone, shut your mouth (unless you are a mouth breather, in that case please keep your mouth open; it’s not worth suffocating). This event is free every second Sunday at the Fremont Abbey Arts Center, doors at 8pm.

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