Silence in Seattle and other Friday notes 3/10/17


This is the time of year when National Football League fans deal with a bit of what is real, but is not, and a lot of nonsense, yet could happen. A few of these are important to Seattle Seahawks followers. Here are a few for Wednesday, along with some links to read more.

That sound you hear in the Seahawks universe is…silence. On Friday when many N.F.L. teams were making moves, which will be for better or worse but we will not know the outcome for quite a while either way, Seattle did not do anything. Plus, only one former Seahawk was signed elsewhere. Linebacker Brock Coyle signed with the San Francisco 49ers. Nothing happening is almost like Seattle is in the Bermuda Triangle of the league.

The Seahawks are entertaining players, like offensive lineman T.J. Lang. Lang was late arriving in Seattle due to some flight issues. One can hope that Lang did not see Seattle traffic on a Friday afternoon and decide to immediately get back on a plane to his native Detroit.

Seattle will also be talking with one or more running backs, such as Eddie Lacy. Both Lang and Lacy are former Green Bay Packers (“former” for now; they could always resign in Green Bay). 12s might hope that Lang and Lacy were on good terms with each other in Green Bay as they may run into each other in Seattle.


Big Landings: Alshon Jeffery lands with Philadelphia Eagles

Making Moves:: Cleveland Browns trade for Osweiler and draft picks

More Free Agency News:: Tampa Bay Buccaneers add DeSean Jackson to receiveing corps

The frustration from Seahawks fans may not come from Seattle not making any early moves in the free agency period. That frustration may come from seeing other successful teams seemingly improve. The New England Patriots, for instance, have added a Pro Bowl cornerback (Stephon Gilmore) and traded for receiver Brandin Cooks in the last two days. Cooks has caught 17 touchdowns passes combined in the last two seasons.

The Packers added tight end Martellus Bennett, brother of Michael, which only improves the passing options for Aaron Rodgers.

The Philadelphia Eagles added top receiver Alshon Jeffery and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers added receiver DeSean Jackson.

The point is, several teams appear to be making moves in an attempt to get better, while the Seahawks have done little. Seattle did sign offensive lineman Luke Joeckel, of course, but he has yet to produce at the level expected of him out of college. If the Seahawks do not get Lang to sign a contract, Seahawk fans may be very disappointed. The N.F.L. is not a league that forgives teams that are getting closer to having their window of opportunity shut yet do little to fix significant issues. Without improving their offensive line, Seattle may soon see teams in the NFC pass them by.

Other notable words

Gregg Bell of the News Tribune writes that Seattle is weighing several factors as they host Lang.

Tim Booth of the Associated Press writes that Markelle Fultz, unsurprisingly, has declared for the N.B.A. draft.

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