cover32’s Trivia Blitz reveal: free agents

How did you do on Friday's Trivia Blitz? Here is the Monday reveal portion of the two-part weekly article where you can find the answers.

Oct 3, 2016; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson (84) catches a pass against the New York Giants in the third quarter at U.S. Bank Stadium. The Vikings win 24-10. Mandatory Credit: Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports
Oct 3, 2016; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson (84) catches a pass against the New York Giants in the third quarter at U.S. Bank Stadium. The Vikings win 24-10. Mandatory Credit: Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

How did everyone’s weekend go? Is everyone current with the latest free agent signings and the global domination once again set forth by the Patriots?

Does every team seriously believe they have a chance to win the Super Bowl? Are the current cellar-dwellers looking around at each other and nodding with approval as they know they will be hoisting the Lombardi Trophy at the end of the year?

If all teams go into free agency with the 100 percent belief they will win the Super Bowl, they must be fretting about how strong the current Super Bowl Champions have come out of the gate.

No, this is not a lecture on how my favorite teams will never be as dominant as the Patriots; this is the Trivia Blitz reveal. Although it would be nice to sit here and whine about how my teams have done very little in free agency, that is not what will happen today.

For readers new to this article; cover32 comes up with five trivia questions on each Friday, then on Monday the answers are revealed in a separate article. Should someone be fortuitous enough to know the answers and tell them to us, they shall receive a prize from our writers. 


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Here are the answers to the Trivia Blitz from Friday, March 10th:

Question One

1. “I have never been much of a feature back yet I have amassed 10,202 yards total and 70 touchdowns. I’m sure someone could use me even though I only averaged 3.5 yards per carry last season. Who am I?”
” I am none other than DeAngelo Williams, most recently of the Steelers yet more notably from the Panthers.”

Question Two

2. “My most recent team barely used me in 2015 yet they used me much more in 2016; although I only had three total touchdowns. I’m much more than a receiver as I was the first wide receiver in my most recent franchise’s history to record more than 100 yards rushing in a single game.” 
“I am return specialist Cordarrelle Patterson most recently of the Minnesota Vikings; where I own every meaningful franchise return record.”

Question Three

3. “I just finished my fourth season with my current team to the tune of 43 tackles, three sacks and one forced fumble. I’m only 24-years-old but may be in for a big payday if someone wants a cheaper version of my partner in crime, ‘Snacks.'”
“I am none other than the six-foot-two-inch tall, 310 pound mountain of a man that is most helpful in the run game, Johnathan Hankins. The number one reason teams have yet to sign me most assuredly must be my inability to consistently rush the passer.”

Question Four

4.  “My 122.5 sacks is good enough for 18th best on the NFL all-time list. Although I was on the losing team in Super Bowl LI, I have been on a Super Bowl winning team before.”
“I may have only started one game last season but make no mistake, I was a big part of why the Atlanta Falcons were in the Super Bowl. I am Dwight Freeney and whoever signs me will be getting a pass rushing legend.”

Question Five

5. “I carried the ball 334 times last season and plowed through into the end zone 19 times. Although I messed up big time on the largest of stages, some team will most likely want my effectiveness on first and second down.”

“I am none other than the most appropriately last named man in the NFL, LeGarrette Blount. Until my fumble in the Super Bowl, I was on the fast-track to a big pay day. Whoever signs me will most assuredly have that fumble in the back of their minds.”


Perhaps we were a bit vague on a few of the “descriptions” as no prizes will be rewarded once again. I was corrected on the Blount question as he only had 18 touchdowns in the regular season but he did have one in the postseason. I forgot to mention the postseason part; my editor will now make sure to punish me docking my pay.

How did everyone do? Did any readers know all five answers yet were afraid to answer? Regardless of the reasons, our writer’s wallets remain filled with random gift cards just waiting for a new home.

Be sure to check back this coming Friday for a new edition of the Trivia Blitz and your chance to win some totally mediocre prizes.

— Justin Ekstrom covers the NFL and Minnesota Vikings for cover32 and can be reached on Twitter @thesportscrib21. Be sure to follow and comment on Facebook and Twitter.

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