Three Reasons Why the Raiders Signed OL Marshall Newhouse


Saturday, the Raiders signed veteran OT Marshall Newhouse to a two-year deal. Despite the outburst of RaiderNation wanting the team to land a big name, Oakland chose wisely. Similarly, some branded the Raiders as free agency losers for only landing Newhouse. With that said, the notion of quality depth does not appear in the minds of some. Yet, Newhouse is just the type of signing the Raiders need to continue success. Reggie McKenzie expects all of his signings to pay dividends. Here’s how Newhouse will help Oakland.

Experience: Remember the playoff loss to Houston? LT Donald Penn sat that game out with a leg injury. Menelik Watson started that game with high hopes. However, the Houston pass rush proved too much and the Texans generated serious pressure on Connor Cook. Now, Watson left for Denver. Who’s the next in-line to step in if Penn goes down? In a pinch, Newhouse could capably fill in. Currently, Denver Kirkland serves as the other backup. As a result, Newhouse’s signing becomes a necessity.



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Versatility: In spite of what the metrics say, Oakland has the best interior offense line in the NFL. Although that may be accurate, there’s no depth there. Fans should have little faith in Feliciano, Alexander and Kirkland to step up. After all, they are backups for very good reason. Each appears to lack the technical ability to consistently see them. Meanwhile, Newhouse saw time at left tackle, left guard and right tackle. With Penn winding down and uncertainty on the right side, Newhouse’s role stands out.

Challenge Howard: At the present time, Austin Howard occupies the starting RT spot. Meanwhile, Newhouse provides a reasonable upgrade. Eventually, Howard’s contract will expire, leaving Oakland with another OL hole. Newhouse gives them a player who uses a wide base and quick feet. On the other hand, what the Raiders employ as tackles need all the help they can get. Newhouse is physical, and allows his QB to panic less and not feel the rush. Not to mention, the ability to use the running game behind him.

Marshall New house is not a splashy signing. Fans need to look at the big picture, instead of hostility towards management, realize that Marshall Newhouse is not exciting. But, his impact on a 12-4 team with solid play goes further than winning headlines.  In the long run, Newhouse isn’t the player RaiderNation wants. Contrarily, his presence allows them to add a valuable sub. Plus, Khalif Barnes is busy.

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