Answering mail Qs from Titans fans

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Answering mail Qs from Titans fans

Sylvester Williams is not getting much love. I have several emails of disappointment. The Titans staff evaluated him and believe he can clog the middle of the defense. The only stats that I’ve ever found indicative of a nose tackle’s play are rushes up the middle. The best nose tackles don’t have gaudy tackle stats or many sacks. The Titans were ranked 29th against runs up the middle and Jon Robinson added someone to help. I believe that Casey is as safe as can be. The rest of the defensive line will be quite fluid this summer. Let’s see how things shake out and give Williams a chance here. They added him for a reason, let’s wait and see.

Which pick would the Titans trade to get second rounders like last year?

I don’t think Robinson is “dying” to get second round picks. I believe he said it would be nice to have and…that means nothing. Surely it would be nice to have a pick in each round.

The Titans didn’t re-sign much of their depth free agents after the season. They need the picks. I don’t envision some crafty trade up scenario. As such, it would have to be a trade down from the first round. I don’t think he should trade the fifth pick in the draft. I’ve written about it a few times. They have a unique opportunity to get a best of the best talent. That opportunity may not come along again for many years. Trading the 18th pick seems more likely for a trade down scenario.


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Can you shed some light on what happens at the draft?

No, sorry I can’t. I’ve only sat in the “cheap seats.” I’ve never been in a “war room.” There’s tons of stories in books and even a Hollywood movie about draft war rooms. I’ve never been a part of it.

Jim Wyatt wrote Jim: Hey Jay. At the draft, teams have representatives there to take a call from Nashville, where they’ll be informed of the pick. Then the Titans rep at the draft will turn the card in before it is announced on TV. There is sometimes a backlog. Teams know the picks early, before they’re on TV. I was at the draft in Chicago last year, and I anticipate being in Philadelphia next month. As far as me being in the war room, I’ve never been in there on draft day, but I’ve heard some pretty good stories over the years

From that, it seems the Titans prefer a headquarters at the team facility and simply have representatives at the draft.

Teams are generally tight-lipped about this and that’s why I recommend picking up a couple of books to read about it. After their careers, then they seem to be forthcoming.

Davis or Williams?

Their history of developing wide receivers is poor. I am not rooting for them to draft a wide receiver in the first round. I’m much more comfortable with wide receivers being selected in later rounds. Had to pick- Williams, despite how those with the same name have struggled in the NFL.

Will the Titans select…a dozen local players?

Derek Barnett and Zach Cunningham are outstanding players. The Titans could select them, sure. The Titans could also use both of them right away at their respective positions.

Besides those two, the readers are putting me in a bad spot here. It seems several adore some local player that either isn’t ranked by scouting databases or is ranked poorly. I don’t mean to “hurt your feelings” here. The Titans will not select anyone that isn’t rated by a major site or service. These sites rate more than 1000 players. Again, if your favorite player is not amongst the top 1000, then no he won’t be drafted by the Titans.

The Titans do have a history of signing lesser ranked players and local players as undrafted free agents. You could shift your hope to these players making the team via this route.

All in all, I think some of you are going to have a tough summer. Sorry about that. It’s just “your boy” is probably not good enough for the NFL. Google these prospects and see if they are ranked- try to gauge your hope from there.

There are other good “local” prospects, but they haven’t been suggested to me lately.

Will the Titans select a quarterback?

I think Alex Tanney will be replaced by another “young gun.” In general, only a few quarterbacks are selected in the final two rounds. There isn’t a big rush to land them. These types are invited to camp as undrafted free agents.

Can’t the Titans sign Keenan Reynolds off the Ravens practice squad?

Ahh there he is. Titans fans love this guy. I see him signed to the Ravens as a future’s player. Last season, he was playing wide receiver (not quarterback) on their practice squad. During the offseason, there is no practice squad. Teams can not sign and promote a player from another team’s practice squad, since the squad doesn’t exist.

If Jon Robinson wanted Reynolds as the third string quarterback, he would have to trade for him. It shouldn’t take much in trade. He probably could trade a 7th round pick and get him or some backup player.

Quite candidly, I don’t think this is a particularly good year for quarterbacks in the draft. I’m surprised to be writing this, but I wouldn’t mind such a trade at all. I think Reynolds is better than any 7th round quarterback the Titans could select and better than any UDFA they could sign.

Don’t forget the Ravens here too. They may love Reynolds as much as you all do. They may be inclined to keep him and watch him develop.

What does your fantasy football background tell you about the Titans? Who is probably overrated?

Rishard Matthews, definitely. Matthews yardage totals during his career are 151, 448, 135, 662, and then 945. Prior to his time with the Titans, he was not a top wide receiver. He never even had 50 catches in a season before joining the Titans.

I think he is a perfect fit. A zillion years ago, Wes Welker was signed from Miami and was a perfect fit for the Patriots. I think there’s some similarity there. Matthews makes all the catches he must. The coaches seem to think highly of him. Marcus Mariota seems to have developed a nice rapport with him. Everything has fit in oh so well.

Fantasy football is about stats and using them to make predictions. In this light, Matthews doesn’t necessarily look like a strong player. There have been dozens of wide receivers that take longer to develop than just one training camp. There have been dozens that improve their play dramatically when they land with a new team. I am a fan of Rishard’s and think the future is bright for him. This is solely a question about using stats as a predictor.

Will the Titans bring back Dorial Green-Beckham now? Or trade for Jordan Matthews?

My first thought is how curious it has been that fans have focused largely on the Jets, Eagles, and Patriots this offseason. The Titans can add available players from the other 31 teams. There’s been an odd focus on three teams.

My guess is the Titans “took their shot” with DGB and have moved on. If he is cut, I don’t think they will jump at the chance to bring him back.

I like Jordan Matthews. The rumors have him available for a third round draft pick. I think Matthews is better than any draft prospect wide receiver available in the third. As such, I would make that deal.

The problem here, and our offseason theme, is that the Titans are a run first run often offense and fans want to add a plethora of wide receivers to the team. They will add one or two, that’s all. They will need to add several wideouts to have enough bodies to make it through camp. They are needed for drills and to get everyone practicing. When we come back around to the 53 man roster, they will have only added one or two.

Who is available from last summer that you would like the Titans to bring back?

Not many, not many. I loved Andrew Turzilli’s size and speed. I’d like to see him added. Most of all I would have to say Ben Roberts. He made the team. If you look at the timeline of cuts, he made the Titans first roster, then was replaced. It’s odd that he wasn’t added to the practice squad. Players cut “last minute” are usually added.

He played much of the second half in last season’s preseason games. The Titans had roughly a dozen wide receivers in camp and many didn’t get time in the preseason games. It was odd to not see everyone get a few minutes in these games. Roberts seemed to have locked down one spot.

I have been intrigued with his baseball background and what I read of his demeanor and professionalism. He was slow, but with the ball in the air, Roberts could “fly.” That’s often how outfielders are. I wanted to see that in games, but he didn’t get many passes thrown his way last summer. I imagine those sudden “wheels” would make him difficult to cover. As an outfielder, he has to have excellent ability to track a deep ball. I saw him block plenty and he blocked well last preseason. Roberts would definitely be my answer here.

Andrews was our feature back two years ago and no one wants him?

Yeah that’s about right. Dexter McCluster, David Cobb, and Bishop Sankey haven’t lit up the NFL since they left the team either.

Andrews is unique. I am a huge fan of his. I expect he will land somewhere and be greatly appreciated by his new team. As I’ve written before, he is about “custom-made” for Bill Belichick who appreciates multi-dimensional players. Andrews was a former stud quarterback- not just some quarterback, but two state championships and Mr. Kentucky. Andrews was the Titans backup runningback, backup fullback, backup long snapper, and backup return man. He has played as the running back, as the fullback, lined out wide, and in the slot. He threw a nice pass to Marcus Mariota in one game.

Andrews had incredible yardage stats in college. He was an excellent college running back. He’s only played behind bad offensive lines in the NFL. He got a few carries behind the Titans revamped line and did well those few times. We’ve never really seen Andrews run behind a good line.

In today’s NFL, running backs are a “dime a dozen.” He’ll sign somewhere. Just give it time.

Do you think it’s odd that the Titans add all of these special teams players after firing their coach last year?

In that light, yes, absolutely. I don’t think it’s that simple though. I imagine Mike Mularkey expected more of the prior coach than he delivered. The special teams are rarely written about in the press, so we are largely in the dark here. It was said that he was Mularkey’s friend, so I’m sure the decision wasnt made lightly.

I think that’s everyone. Thanks for writing in.

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