Can Redskins D.C. Greg Manusky Improve On Joe Barry’s Defense?

Greg Manusky DC, Washington Redskins
Dec 4, 2016; Glendale, AZ, USA; Washington Redskins outside linebackers coach Greg Manusky against the Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Greg Manusky, our new Defensive Coordinator, is known as a “pressure guy” and plans to bring that mentality to our 2017 Washington Redskins defense. Manusky has experience with the Colts, 49ers, and Chargers, and was an assistant defensive coach with our Redskins. In my opinion, our defense under Joe Barry went too “soft” in coverages at times, and that dictated a jailbreaking, Black Friday Sale pass-rush bringing “the house” defense.

One example to support my opinion was the loss to the Detroit Lions. Our Redskins had the game won and only had to hold off the Lions offense for the one minute that was left in the game. Our quarterback had brought our team back from behind to take the lead. However, during that minute, Joe Barry chose to play prevent, little or no pass rush and an experienced Lions quarterback, Matthew Stafford earned his 100th win snatching the victory away from our Redskins.

I could site several other games we should have won but did not because of the lack of pressure by the defense, We only missed the playoffs by one or two games.

Our General Manger Scot McCloughan and President Bruce Allen had gotten us the players talented enough to be a playoff caliber team in 2015 and 2016. Popular players Chris “Big Swaggy” Baker and Ricky Jean Francois were released by our Redskins.

In my opinion, both would have made more tackles and better statistics if defensive coordinator Joe Barry had game planned better and/or made adjustments during the game. All NFL teams have good, professional players. The difference between average coaches and good coaches is the ability to make changes and adjustments to what the other team are doing. Games many times are determined by one play, one interception, one sack, a field goal or touchdown. Even a special teams play.

Promoting Greg Manusky from within the ranks was a positive choice.

The players know him already and they will not have to learn a new system or language, terms or packages. Of course Manusky will coach differently and have different packages to learn during OTA’s, mini-camps, and training camp.


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So, it begs the question: can a Greg Manusky defense go from a defense ranked nearly last in the NFL vs the run to one ranked in the Top 8? Will the opposing runners hit a stonewall instead of gaining big yardage as the did in 2016 and 2015? Will our secondary with Su’a Cravens, D.j Swearinger, Josh Norman excite us fans with interceptions, “pick 6’s”, forced fumbles? Will our front 7 get more sacks and pressure the opposing quarterbacks into mistakes? Lastly, will our 2017 Redskins defense make us fans proud gain? Will a Greg Manusky led defense take our team from a playoff caliber team to a Championship team. Defense wins championships.

We fans want to see less points scored, more 3rd and long situations for our opponents, hence more “3 and out”. Fans at Fed Ex want to hear bone-crushing, pad-poppin’ hits and tackles. I know the rules favor the offense in today’s NFL but a championship defense will only allow 320 points over the 16 games, about 20 points a game or less. I do not claim to be a rocket scientist, but when our Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins throws for 3 touchdowns and 450 yards with zero interceptions, and we LOSE, something is wrong with the defense!

Quoting Defensive Coordinator Greg Manusky, he said “I’m going to try to put the guys in the best position possible to defeat their man and make a play.” He also stated, “Su’a Cravens will play closer to the line while D.J. Swearinger will be the deep safety.” He praised our two new additions to the d-line, front 7 who are Stacy McGee and Terrell McClain.

This 70 year old Redskins fan since 1969 request this of you, Greg Manusky. Give us a defense that lives up to “Capital Punishment”. Let our fans think they are seeing the ’85 Bears all over again. It has been too long since I was at RFK and was one of many fans who gave our George Allen led “Over the Hill” defenses standing ovations.

I want to see your defense deserve and a receive standing ovations. We loyal long time Redskins fans deserve another Super Bowl Championship. We have stood by our owner and leaders and team and we won’t be happy until our team gets that ring. I know the 2015, 2016 teams were playoff teams but please lead the defense to the next level, Make us a championship team again.

Remember fans, it matters not how we start 2017 but how we finish 2017, so let’s move on past any negatives and get rid of stinkin’ thinkin’ and support our Washington Redskins leadership, coaches, and team.


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