Maybe It’s Time To Worry About A Sherman Deal

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman (25) intercepts a pass during the third quarter in a game against the Buffalo Bills at CenturyLink Field. Mandatory Credit: Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports
Can the Seahawks win it all without him? Mandatory Credit: Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

As much as it pains Seahawks fans – well, most Seahawks fans – it seems more likely than ever that a deal may be worked out for perennial All-Pro cornerback Richard Sherman.

Seahawks General Manager John Schneider confirmed today that the Seahawks are indeed open to trading their perennial All-Pro cornerback. Schneider appeared on ESPN Seattle’s Brock and Salk Show Wednesday morning, saying “I don’t know if anything would ever happen. But like I tell people all the time, 98 percent of the things we’re involved with, we don’t follow through with. But at least we’ve opened that door, gone down the road and seen what’s behind door A or door B.”


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Schneider stated the initial conversations regarding a possible trade were at the NFL Scouting Combine in February. Schneider also verified he had spoken to Sherman personally about the possibility. The Seattle GM added, “People find things out, and we’re not going to lie to each other. We’re not going to BS each other. It’s going to be all laid out.”

For his part, Sherman spoke last week with ESPN 710 – great station, by the way – and said, “”I wouldn’t want to leave this city and my guys, but I understand it’s a business and organizational philosophies change.” What’s really scary is that even the Patriots are reportedly talking – assuming they move Malcolm Butler, that is. Please, if there is a God, don’t. Just, don’t.

For the financial side, I understand it. As Sherman himself said, it’s a business. And the NFL is certainly a business much more than a sport, as much as we may not like or appreciate that fact. He accounts for a cap hit of over $13 million for both 2017 and 2018, and he’ll be 30 in 2018, not exactly the youngest cornerback in the league.

On the field, though, Sherman has amassed more interceptions, 30, and defended more passes, 92, than any other cornerback in the league since he came into the NFL in 2011. You could say he’s durable, as he hasn’t missed a game in his career, either. High price? Yes. High value? Oh hell yeah.

For my money, unless the Hawks get blown away by at least a first and third round pick, and I mean a good pair of picks, you have to keep Sherman. I understand there’s an off-the-field component to this – our own Aaron Thomas wrote a great piece on this just the other day, which you can read here . As Aaron said, there’s trouble, but we certainly hope that everyone can come to an agreement. The Seahawks certainly do need Sherman as much as ever.

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