Lawsuit, Titans need new food at the stadium

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Lawsuit, Titans need new food at the stadium

The Tennessean reported about a lawsuit the Titans recently won that removes their current vendor, Aramark, from the stadium.:

After hearing increasing complaints about painfully long lines to get a beer or hot dog, and food quality that ranks among the NFL’s poorest, the Tennessee Titans have fired Nissan Stadium’s food, beverage and concessions vendor Aramark in a bitter feud that has spilled into court.


“As part of our continuous efforts to improve every aspect of the fan experience at Nissan Stadium, we are presently exploring alternative food and beverage services options to replace the previous concessions vendor,” the Titans said in a statement to The Tennessean. “Our goal is to find the right concessions solution that will provide our fans with the food service they expect for years to come.”


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In summary, the Titans issued a letter terminating their contract and Aramark took them to court to try and continue the contract. The judge ruled in favor of the Titans and now they are looking for a new vendors or vendors.

Please read the article for the complete info.

Not the first issue

Last year, Titans president Steve Underwood renovated the stadium seats and did announce a change then with regards to the food. Apparently, that change didn’t work out. There was also an issue where 100 workers didn’t show up for work one day.

Reportedly, there was also an issue where 100 Aramark workers didn’t show up for work one day.

Fans love of food in Nashville

What a fun few days of suggestions on message boards, twitter, and in emails. There is no shortage of great food around Nashville. Fans wrote in suggesting dozens of great food alternatives.

Issues though

Let’s suppose there is a great hot dog vendor walking the streets of Nashville pushing a cart. He has 100 hot dogs cooking and can serve 100 people. This vendor may have the best hot dogs in the world, but he is also not prepared to serve 1000 people or 30,000 people.

Whenever a company mass produces food, the quality usually suffers. We can look for many examples in the frozen food aisle at supermarkets. One example would simply be those TGIF potato skins (or any appetizer) sold in stores. I do enjoy them, but they are nowhere near as good as if you order some at the restaurant.

I don’t know that every cook or chef is capable of serving tens of thousands. They cook for 200 in their restaurant and I’m “blown away” by their abilities. I am tired or overwhelmed getting a Thanksgiving meal on the table. It’s clearly above my head to even serve 200 people. Still, the difference between 200 and tens of thousands is significant. I’m pretty sure I gained weight reading your suggestions. They are certainly glorious and delicious. I just don’t figure that many of these cooks can handle the demand the fans at the stadium will present.

If you consider the demand, then yes I would definitely say that you should write-in to the Titans and suggest food vendors. Why not?

Kudos to Underwood

Each spring, Underwood is obviously listening to fans and trying his best to correct any issues he can. “The moustache,” as some fans call him, does a nice job as team president.

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