Is Richard Sherman a Good Fit for the Bucs?

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman (25) intercepts a pass during the third quarter in a game against the Buffalo Bills at CenturyLink Field. Mandatory Credit: Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports
Can the Seahawks win it all without him? Mandatory Credit: Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

Over the last several weeks there have been several rumors that the Seattle Seahawks might be open to the idea of trading star cornerback, Richard Sherman. Sherman has been one of the best, maybe even the best, corner in the game over the last five years. He’s been a critical member of Seattle’s “Legion of Boom” and was a big part of their Super Bowl championship a few years ago. Now with those trade rumors gaining a little bit of momentum, it’s time to start considering if he’s the kind of guy the Bucs would want to trade for. After taking some time and weighing the pros and cons, it’s become clear to me that trading for the ultra talented corner would be an absolutely terrible idea. Here’s why…


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My first major issue with the idea of trading for Sherman is the Seahawks asking price. According to some reports they are looking for multiple high draft picks. Something like a pair of second round picks or a first round pick and a third round pick; something of that nature. That price is far too rich for my taste. Successful teams are built through the draft and sending away a high pick, let alone two, is almost always a mistake. In fact it’s a mistake the Bucs made in the recent past when they traded a first round pick to the Jets for star cornerback Darrelle Revis. As you might remember, Revis didn’t work out with the Bucs and the team was out a first round pick with nothing to show for it. The Buccaneers need to now learn from this mistake and not even consider trading for Sherman now.

Another huge factor to keep in mind when talking about this potential trade Sherman’s age. Now 29 years old might not be old by normal standards, in fact it’s not even THAT old by football standards, but in terms of being an elite level defensive back it’s fair to question how much he has left in the tank. It makes no sense to me to pay top dollar for a player, no matter how great he is, who is on the back end of his career and could be losing a step in the very near future. Especially considering that this draft class is very deep at the cornerback position. It makes much more sense to draft a young cornerback, who has ten great years ahead of him, than to trade for a guy who could be entering the down side of his career.

The last big issue I have with trading for Richard Sherman is his personality. Now, watching Sherman on another team, I love him. He’s passionate, intelligent, cocky, and never afraid to speak his mind. While that’s great for him in Seattle, I don’t want that anywhere near the Bucs locker room right now. Tampa Bay has a very young team, with young leaders who are coming into their own. Bringing in a personality like Sherman could disturb a lot of the chemistry this team is building. The star corner has proven time and again that he’ll show up anyone. He’s a guy who will stand up coaches and teammates by getting in their face and screaming at them on the sidelines. His short temper and loud mouth could stunt the growth of guys like Jameis Winston and Kwon Alexander.

Sherman is an excellent player who I’m admittedly a big fan of. However, at the price the Seahawks are asking for the aging star it would be a huge mistake to try to bring him to the Bucs. Even if the price were reasonable, I don’t believe his big personality fits in this young locker room. It might be exciting to think about bringing in this kind of talent, but as tempting as this potential trade might seem it would be a very bad idea.

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