Seahawks add another low risk high reward player

Dion Jordan
Both the uniform and stance are a thing of the past for Dion Jordan Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

While many Seahawks fans have been less than thrilled at the lack of big name free agent signings by their team, no one can say John Schneider and Pete Carroll haven’t been finding potential value with a few out-of-the-box low risk decisions this offseason. Yesterday’s signing of four-time national track champion Cyril Grayson is one example. His 4.33 speed makes a good counterargument against the fact he hasn’t played football in five years. The Hawks signed Grayson to three years for a total of $1,655,000, with reportedly no guaranteed money. That is low risk with potentially a very high reward.

On the opposite end of that scale is signing a big name that never panned out. There isn’t much bigger than signing a former number three overall draft pick. The counterargument here? He hasn’t played a down of football since 2014, and recorded a grand total of three sacks in 26 games. Yes, this is defensive end Dion Jordan, a name that isn’t exactly revered by Dolphins fans.


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The key phrase to remember here is “defensive end”. Jordan, who missed over two years with both bad injuries (knee issues, mainly) and bad choices (substance abuse, mainly) is reportedly being looked at as a strongside linebacker and occasional defensive end, depending on the defensive package. Pete Carroll and defensive coordinator Kris Richard like flexibility. They enjoy moving their players all over the board. Jordan gives them one more option in the never-ending battle of gridiron chess that is the modern NFL defense.

Of course, Jordan has to at least come close to playing at the level that earned him that third overall pick. He’s just 27, and appears to have his head right. The bigger question should be, are his knees right? They have to worth the risk.

For a number three overall pick, there is no doubt Dion Jordan was a colossal bust. Three sacks for a career? There are monsters out there that have done that in one game – yes, hello, Mr. Bennett, sir, we are thinking of you. However, for what will certainly be a low end contract, this is an excellent risk especially considering the probable position changes. Schneider and company get another in the win column with this move.

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