This Will Get Sherman from the Seahawks. Fair Warning – I’m Lying.

Richard Sherman
Richard Sherman

It has gotten to the point that there is a new Richard Sherman trade story virtually every 15 minutes. As we at cover32 Seahawks had not filed one for April 11th – not yet, anyway – we felt it was high time we added some baseless speculation of our own. If you didn’t read the headline, be warned again: the payoff in this article is pure lies.

To be a bit serious for a moment, the latest news – okay, not news; let’s just say informed rumor – is that the Seahawks have dropped their asking price for the Pro Bowl cornerback. This has shown up in approximately 3,437 sources, everything from local print media to the Home Shopping Network; I won’t destroy your battery life by listing all of them here. Suffice to say that the latest, reported by the NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo, is that John Schneider and Pete Carroll will take a 2017 first round pick and a conditional pick for the 2018 draft.

NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo on Sherman trade

“We’re talking Darrelle Revis Jets-to-Buccaneers type of deal,” he said. “That’s what’s going to get this thing done.” He added that “right now nobody has come close to possibly paying that.” Two interesting points to add; Garafolo believes Sherman will be in Seattle for the 2017 – 2018 season, and Sherman is acting as his own agent. Hmmm…

Anyway, this is a major change from the reported asking price of “a very good player” and a high draft pick. That phrase, “a very good player” is certainly open to interpretation. So, let’s interpret!


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Let’s establish the criteria. First, no NFC players, as the Seahawks have stated they will not move Sherman to another team in the conference. Sorry 12s, but no Julio Jones for you. As if, right? Second, the money has to work. As stated many many waaay too many times before, the NFL is a business, and the money has to work. So without further delay, these are the trading partners and trades that will work.

Marvel Studios: Robert Downey Jr. and one percent of the global gross for Guardians of the Galaxy Volume III. Hey, Downey has said several times that it gets harder and harder to play action roles at the age of 52. How awesome would it be to hang with this guy eight times a year at CenturyLink Field? And what exactly is one percent of a gazillion dollars? So, what does Marvel do with Sherman? You guys do know they want to reboot Blade, right?

Sony Pictures Television: Alex Trebek and ten percent of the U.S. gross for the Spiderman: Homecoming sequel. Trebek would be great as a third man in the booth, chiming in with trivia like this: “Fans, among the names submitted for the team at its inception was this beautiful bit of French rain. Please, remember to answer in the form of a question!” The articulate Sherman takes over as the host of Jeopardy, and stays with the show until 2057. Codicil to the trade: Trebek must grow the ‘stache back.

The National Basketball Association: the Oklahoma City Thunder. Hey, fair is fair. Say hello to your new defensive coordinator, Coach Stoops. Or do you actually enjoy getting 40 plus points hung on your team?

By the way, the answer to Mr Trebek’s trivia is: What is the Rain-Beaux? While Geaux Rain-Beaux has a certain charm, it just isn’t the same. And if you wanted real analysis, please reread the headline.

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