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Titans Email Qs part one

I received a ton of emails. Thank you, I enjoy the back n’ forth. Due to the amount, I’m going to do these email questions in two parts.

How come I don’t see the Titans adding two wide receivers in the draft, but adding two tight ends?

That’s not really what I wrote. I strongly think this is the year to double-up at a position. I see an elite eight group of tight ends and after that the talent is muddled. At wide receiver, I don’t imagine any of the elite last past round two. The concept was adding two elite players at one position rather than add one elite player and one good player. I absolutely did suggest two wide receivers- also two tight ends, two cornerbacks, two defensive linemen, and maybe two inside linebackers.

Why don’t you think the Titans will add two wide receivers? They only have three

OK I am confusing two articles. I did say once that they will probably just add one and another time I suggested they add two. They have more wide receivers than that. There are a couple practice squad level players that were signed to futures contracts and Eric Weems. Weems is more of a kick returner. I think Tre McBride is probably a player you’re forgetting. He looked good last preseason and the coaches spoke of his improvement from year one. Late in the year, coach Mike Mularkey praised him again for his effort on the practice squad. He should be able to fill a fourth or fifth wide receiver spot. He didn’t have a catch last season, so it’s also possible he is not in their plans. I am assuming he is.

The Titans kept four wide receivers last season, five if you count Kendall Wright who was injured. Tajae Sharpe, Rishard Matthews, and Harry Douglas are the returning three. I think a rookie will mix into the group and have a predominant role. I don’t see a pressing need for a fourth or fifth. Let’s suppose Douglas is fourth. The fifth wide receiver role will only catch maybe 10 passes next year. It is such a minimal role. I don’t think it’s wise to spend a third round pick on a guy that will only catch 10 passes. This is my hangup with the two wide receiver concept. Wide receivers well down the depth chart do not get much work.


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You really think some of the signed players will get cut?

Absolutely. This is part of being a better team too. Tim Lelito doesn’t make much, relatively speaking, so right away he seems to be a potential cut. Eric Weems will always be at risk. When a coaching staff starts widdling down their roster to get to 53, they tend to prefer backups who have more than one role. He can play wide receiver and kick returner, but he is largely thought of as just a kick returner. If it plays out that he is just a kick returner, then yes he could be cut. If there is another player that can play a position and return kicks, this saves the staff a roster spot.

I agree these new players will get cut, especially linebackers. What are we doing there?

They sure have a lot of them. I think they should have re-signed David Bass since he played well as a backup. Anyhow, a general manager will field eight to ten players at a position in hopes that one or two “step up.” That’s not uncommon. Even with this understanding, I still think they cut some linebackers. They have too many backups. Yes, it’s nice to have backups that play special teams well, but I simply think they have too many of those types.

I like how you still say Kevin Dodd is at the wrong position even though PK called you out on it

Really? Nice memory. You noticed that? Yeah, I asked a Q, I think on Periscope, and PK said something like “I think Dick Lebeau knows more than you or me.” PK wasn’t wrong. The reason I appear to stick with it is because this is a new year. I did drop it. PK was right. Now as we enter the 2017 offseason workouts and all, I think it’s very possible that Lebeau or Mularkey discuss playing the college defensive end at defensive end. It didn’t go well for Dodd in 2016. To a degree, he looks like a bust right now. There is probably some urgency to get production out of him. The considerable point here though is that Dodd has not played much football. He is a superb athlete that picked up the game far later than others. Usually, when a player switches a position, they are well experienced and that aids in the transition. Dodd doesn’t have this benefit. That’s the gist of my thinking. One note of contention- if Lebeau has Dodd line up on the defensive line and rush the passer, he can technically be either an outside linebacker or defensive end. I’m not nitpicking here, but writing of his role with the team.

Will the Titans draft a kicker? I always like watching the other kicker in training camp

Me too, especially when the backup kicker has a big leg. Training camp can be fun when a backup kicker can boom kicks “for miles.” NFL kickers have to be accurate and (grrr a dying art in the league) some must be able to place the ball on kicks. The strength of the leg is only a part of the evaluation process. No, I don’t see a need to draft a kicker. Their kicker is good and “camp legs” can be signed as undrafted free agents. Also, only 1-3 kickers are drafted each year, so they could conceivably get the fourth best kicker as a UDFA.

Don’t the Titans have to be at the draft? How can Jon Robinson not be there?

No they don’t. They have to have representatives there. I think technology makes it possible for Robinson to be just about anywhere in the world and still communicate with others around the league.

I sure hope the Jets backup tight ends are better this year.

Haha. Not a question, but I had to share it. It’s kind of funny isn’t it? Yes, let’s hope the Titans add tight ends from the draft and from other teams rather than just sign the Jets backups.

How big of a loss is Fasano?

HUGE. I think any other coach would consider a shift in offensive philosophy, but Mularkey is a former tight end that adores tight ends, so he won’t. Basically, the Titans lost two starting tight ends. Just before last season, they lost the best blocking tight end in team history when Craig Stevens retired. Now that Anthony Fasano has moved onto the Dolphins, they are down two.

Tight ends were a strength of a very weak roster when Mularkey first joined the Titans. I think it was wise of him to employ a two tight end offense. I’m not a fan of the three tight end offense, but (again) that did put the best players on the field. For 2017, unless they add a couple quality tight ends, then this won’t be true anymore. Many of the free agent tight ends are still available. Several of them were good once upon a time and didn’t produce last season. The Titans could add two quality tight ends without having to draft two. Maybe one of the free agents just had a bad year.

What’s the deal with Glennon?
I have no earthly idea. Please ask him. He is a wonderful writer and seems to be a very kind man. Don’t forget, “getting the boot” from the Tennessean did other writers a world of good for their careers. If you followed the Titans for long enough, the Tennesseean has been something of a breeding ground for excellent writers.

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