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Titans Email Qs Part Two

What are the different types of ways a team can meet with a draft prospect? Do they always draft the ones they interview?

They can “run into” the player at the Senior Bowl or Shrine game. Teams interview players at the Combine. The Titans could also invite a player to come to their facility. The second part, no they don’t. Some interviews do not go well. Sometimes a player is not available when it is their turn to draft.

Favorite draft people to read?

Rob Rang has long been my favorite. Matt Waldman would be second. I greatly respect his work on the Rookie Scouting Portfolio.


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Why don’t the Titans sign Tim Tebow?

He is a fascinating man. I’ve never seen anyone as polarizing as him. If he sneezes there is an article about it. It’s amazing how much interest or intrigue the public has for him. Many people are “haters” and deny this, but the counts don’t lie; hits, viewership, and readers prove that Tebow is still a major draw.

The only problem I see with having him as a backup is the attention and media frenzy. He just hit a couple home runs and it’s on every news channel. I’m not sure teams want that “circus.”

I am not convinced that he is not an NFL quarterback or that he could not be groomed to be one. He is blessed with wonderful athletic ability and is clearly an easily coachable guy. I guess it’s more about the time it would take for him to be able to contribute in a normal NFL offense. The Titans have had Alex Tanney on and off their practice squad for years. He’s an older player now. Theoretically, a team should plan on developing a player for a set amount of time. If the player doesn’t progress, they would then set him free and draft another. Tanney and Mike Cherry and some backups like that seem to skirt the system. In general, though, I’d say 3-4 years is a reasonable timeframe for a project quarterback to develop. It can be longer, but at that point, he should be capable of contributing.

I love your running quarterback idea. (snip) Have you pitched it to the Titans?

Nope. I don’t have that access to pitch it. I received quite a bit of favorable feedback on that suggestion though. (To reiterate- it was to sign any well-known running quarterback from college and have him backup Marcus Mariota) It seems people are confident in a Derrick Henry Demarco Murray backfield and the idea of those two rolling with this style of quarterback is interesting. It may have to do with a lack of confidence in Cassel and Tanney. Mularkey has built a mindset and the fans have all jumped in feet first- tough style offense running behind an impressive line with a couple tight ends. I think a running quarterback offers the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) assurance that some prefer. Tanney and Cassel are complete wildcards. Who knows how they’ll perform each week? Anyway, I’d like to see it just out of curiosity.

Why do so many people write about the Titans as if they are allowed twelve players on defense?

haha! I notice this too. It’s not that. Dick Lebeau mixes things up. When someone mentions that there are three safeties, an extra cornerback, or an extra rusher, this does mean that a player leaves the field. He is a tricky guy and sometimes it’s not easy for writers to convey. I am probably guilty of doing this too.

Toughest team the Titans will face in 2017?

The Texans. JJ Watt’s return is a nightmare for any opposing offense. The Texans had the best defense and they (about) added the top defensive player to it. I can’t say it enough. It reminds me of when Albert Haynesworth was with the Titans and their defense allowed a paltry 12-13 points per game. It’s tough to beat a defense like that.

Will the Titans sign a restricted free agent and give up a draft pick?

Probably not. NFL General Managers are just as ridiculous as fans are for a month. Every one of us thinks rookies will be the saving grace of a franchise and the next soandso player and….oh we set the bar so unattainably high. This creates a disproportionate value for each draft pick. The actual value of a first round pick is high but questionable. They don’t all “pan out.” A restricted free agent has assured production. Two or three months from now, rookies will be carrying veterans shoulder pads and we’ll be hearing that coaches hope they pick up the system quickly and hope that they’ll contribute this season. In April though, every rookie is a sure-bet producer who could be the missing piece for their team. This transition is a foolish ritual we all gladly take part in and enjoy. Still though, the other 11 months of the year, a restricted free agent is a wiser choice.

You OK? Family….everyone OK? I saw the weather and…

I love it when readers notice I have some time off. It’s so flattering. Thank you so much. There are always tornadoes this time of year. I try to help others and raise my kids to do the same. We’ve just been “pitching in” here and there. Thanks for noticing

I ask you every few years in hopes you’ll change your mind, how come you don’t write about basketball? with your family? and your experience?

I have a relative that is a major college basketball coach and another that is an NBA assistant coach. I never mention them and don’t wish to. I’ve done just fine using my own name. I was fortunate to have played against some famous people and have been coached by some of the best coaches ever. This reader has been with me “forever” and I have shared my thoughts with him.

Do you know how players can’t coach because they see the game differently? They recognize all of these little things that others don’t. It’s not even just that, but that players don’t even want to notice these little details. I am that guy writing about basketball. I will ramble on and on about the angle of a foot on the first step. I could write pages on the hand placement in the block. I don’t think NBA coaches utilize big men properly anymore. I have this belief that they need to go back and watch Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Moses Malone, Hakeem Olajuwon, David Robinson and others. Teams fire up threes in the final two minutes as if they are “gimmes,” meanwhile the big man is wide open in the post for an easy bucket. It annoys me. I ramble, then I get irritated, and…I don’t know. Basketball writing just isn’t for me. If I could go back in time, I would definitely become a scout. I can totally do that job. It’s also because I was bitter that I wrecked my knee. I had this irrational thought that the game let me down and that led me to write about anything else.

Do you and Billingsley meet and talk football each week?

No. I see him at Walmart or wave to him driving in the car. That’s about it. I wrote a five-page newspaper feature on Richard Billingsley years ago. The BCS was huge then and many people read that lengthy article. We really don’t keep in touch. People calling me “The Billingsley guy” was so odd and inaccurate. Again, it’s flattering that a reader remembers, but no, not at all. He is a wonderful man. We’re just not BFFs or whatever you would call it nowadays.

What was the greatest article you ever wrote? Biggest honor or award you ever received?

An obituary. Some woman in mourning asked me to write in a way that memorializes her recently deceased husband. I was humbled and honored to be asked to write it. Nothing compares to that feeling and I don’t imagine anything ever will.

How come you haven’t written about the Cover32 mock draft?

I did. I contributed my comments next to the picks.

I see a lot of repeat questions from prior weeks, so I’m going to skip them. I’d really rather not be all personal here. I appreciate the emails, I just have to skip some. I’d like to just stick to football if we could. Thank you very much for the kind and caring words.

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