Buffalo Bills: Things we know this Week

Taking a look at the things we know this week about the Buffalo Bills.

Buffalo Bills
Sep 13, 2015; Orchard Park, NY, USA; A general view of a helmet worn by the Buffalo Bills before a game against the Indianapolis Colts at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Warning steadfast Bills Fans and bounteous Cover 32 readers!! “Negative Stanley” will be writing this commentary next week and for that I apologize in advance and am by no means not expecting every single one of you to exonerate me.

When he espied my unavailability next week he did not 100% accredit the sincerity to my claim. He doubted the reality of my upcoming absence being very much aware of my past; writing twice on the Bills pond crossing road trip, also being our vacation to London. I previously had completed writing on our slumping Bills while visiting Italy ,Caribbean Islands, hospitals, nursing homes, bed and breakfasts, Las Vegas, Toronto, Tim Horton’s and others.

He also knows my work ethic and the way I was raised, meaning going into work or handling a commitment in every condition or situation like being sick, injured, upbeat, negative, tired or wired, injured or fixed. He was also aware that I held the record at my previous 24 year career going a stretch of 11 and a half years consecutively without missing a day of work.

So he acted alone and called my managing editor checking to see if I was telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Once confirmed, the sly guy that he is went right over my head with his real motive for the interest in my affairs and offered his writing services. I cannot argue the fact that he knows his sports, especially football and the hometown team, as well as anyone.

He has the skills required to write because he does for his VFW post handling an event newsletter as well as contributing to his church bulletin. That being said… On two notes, the first being Stanley filling in for me and the second being 11 plus years of not missing any work, all I have to say is… “WHAT WAS I THINKING?“ That is an awful lot of weeks, if totaled; in sick days I clearly left on the table without any appreciation from anyone except my colleagues who dodged having to cover any of my tasks.

“Use them or lose them!” That was our motto. So for all other employees, the days were used because they were a benefit, for me… lost days they were, never to be retrieved. As far as Stanley goes, you will probably enjoy his approach and if it is not worthy of being published, our Managing Editor will see to it that it never makes it past him.

On the topic of reading this commentary, I wanted to thank the loyal readers who are part of the original 150 readers averaged in early months and slowly that trended up to between 350 and 650 per week, but I also wanted to recognize the last article was viewed by close to 2000 readers. Many of those readers were on the site lured in by the extremely successful Tom Brady April fool’s Day article, but it is what it is. 2000 Football Fans viewed my commentary for whatever reason. I sincerely thank you.

I would like nothing better than to give a shout out to West Seneca’s own Joseph Pajek wishing him a devout Happy Birthday this week. Joe was the Cheektowaga street hockey  goalie who was famous for wearing purple foam homemade pads, famous for falling through the attic floor which just so happened to be the ceiling of the living room where his parents were watching the Bills on TV only to be shocked by his dangling legs.

He is also remembered for being dropped off home by friends who rang the doorbell leaving him in the wheelbarrow he was wheeled home in for his parents care. Happy Birthday to a great friend, reader and Bills fan. His name will be utilized to strategically review:


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Things We Know About the Buffalo Bills This Week 

J = Join me in paying respect and honoring the memory of former Bills executive Tom Modrak, who at 74 years old passed away Wednesday in his home. He spent a decade with the Bills front office following some years as the general manager of the Philadelphia Eagles where Sean McDermott worked under him.

O = Offseason Voluntary workouts are officially under way.

Officially the Bills play Detroit in the pre-season. IMAGINE THAT? I personally cannot remember a season that the two teams did not play a meaningless preseason game against each other. That being said, I do not recall meaningful regular season games between these two teams since well before Detroit spanked Buffalo in the 1994 Thanksgiving Day game in the old Pontiac Silverdome.

E = Experience has been added to the quarterback position to avoid a season such as the season Jeff Tuhl was the starter. The Bills have inked a deal with T.J Yates, the 29 year old veteran quarterback who played college ball at North Carolina. He has started several games in the NFL including two playoff games for Houston. He is aware that this is Tyrod’s team and respects the Pro-Bowl quarterback who came out of college the same year as him. He also knows at any time he could be called upon to start or come into a game due to injuries and other situations not planned for.

P = Pick up of interest: How about this for a signing by Buffalo, Ian Seau, a defensive end out of Nevada at 6’2 and 250 pounds with one year experience. He was an undrafted free agent signing by the Rams last season. Hopefully he lasts a little longer than Scott Crichton who was waived before my announcement of his signing was up on Cover32. Oh… did I mention Seau is the nephew of Pro Football Hall of Fame linebacker Junior Seau?

A = Angry was the vibe at the locker clean out for the Pegula Empires NHL team, the Buffalo Sabres. Superstar Jack Eichel and leader Ryan O’reilly both made it very clear at the exiting interviews that accountability needs to be a large factor improved or added to the Sabres and that neither of them will say anything other than the playoff drought is unacceptable.

Guys…I feel for you, but take a drive on the 190 South and shoot over to the 90 West and exit off of the 90 or the 219 with several options to One Bills Drive. You can meet members of the staff or players that are employed by an organization smack in the middle of a 17 year playoff drought. It is not fun missing the playoffs in hockey especially when 16 teams qualify and the rebuild should have been complete at this point. Neither of those two high profile Sabers were on the team the last time they even had a longshot view of the playoffs.

A nice trip to Orchard Park might put things into perspective before either of you grab a chair and rope because your playoff drought is the common cold sniffles compared to the Bills testing positive for a potential terminal disease. Did I cheer ya up Hockey boys? Entire player’s careers have started, gone on for a long times and ended on the same NFL team and no playoff games experienced. Wipe away the tears because Things are tough all over.

J = Jacob Lindsey, Jack Metz, Jordon Mulge, Junior Sylvestre, and Cameron Jefferson all have a name beginning with the letter J. A second equally important fact is they all were signed by the Bills this past week. Good Luck Guys.

E = Ex-Assistant coach Rob Ryan has been reported to have had total run of the place at one Bills Drive in an effort to cultivate his value as a coach after being fired from New Orleans and Dallas as Defensive Coordinator. Originally he was reported to be an assistant coach to help out in all areas wherever Rex would delegate assistance being needed. It turns out that Rob pushed Dennis Thurman right out of his way.

Instead of helping the players grasp the complex systems that failed the previous year or scaling it down simplifying things, Rob was calling the shots that he wanted on any side of the ball with whomever he desired. Rex empowered his brother who worked all over the place while Rex made sure his own personal hours did not out duel that of a bank teller.

I am not saying that if Rex did not bring his brother in the Bills sneak out a wild card spot securing Rex’s job, but you could say it’s a possibility. If Rex put his full effort into it like it was his livelihood and family depended on it coaching as a career with extreme urgency, as opposed to his own complacent nature he may be staring at targeting a deep playoff run to follow up on the previous year’s playoff  “for show”.

K = Keep this in mind that when you ruminated on the restructuring of Tyrod Taylor’s contract keeping him in Buffalo and the signing of T.J. Yates while Cardale Jones has already been in place for the third string position to continue learning and improving on his very raw but athletic skill set, Bills General Manager Doug Whaley, Scouts and the owner have been visiting or working out several college quarterbacks who are going to be drafted this year. Sean McDermott did exactly what he should have done telling Kiss FM’s morning show “Maybe these last three or four trips were just kind of all a smokescreen, right?”

Well Played Coach. Well played indeed. I sure am ready to say that ten to 13 weeks during the regular season. If that is the case, the draught will end and the Bills will be back. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Been there. Done that.

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