Appreciation: Two NFL teams the Raiders Should Thank

May 8, 2014; New York, NY, USA; Khalil Mack (Buffalo) holds up a jersey after being selected as the number five overall pick in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft to the Oakland Raiders at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Sooner or later, every fanbase endures a losing stretch. In addition, some would feel more satisfying than others. How many people dream of seeing a winless Patriots season? Regardless of which team struggles for victories, true fans stick around. With the Raiders emerging from a decade-plus long slump, their spot as the national joke franchise evaporates. The following teams occupy those spots that the Raiders once occupied.

Buffalo: In the center of their selection centers around the makeup of the franchise. Hiring Rex Ryan, who’s a defensive mastermind, appeared like a great step. However, we forgot that Rex cared nothing for offense. Yet, RaiderNation will owe the Bills forever. Instead of drafting University of Buffalo star Khalil Mack, they chose Sammy Watkins. More importantly, the coach before Ryan exemplifies where Buffalo is.

Doug Marrone signed a contract with an out clause. This means he could walk away from the Bills with 4 million dollars. Instead of coaching the Bills, Marrone took the money and left for Jacksonville. When a coach leaves for Jacksonville on purpose, your organization needs some form of help.


Cleveland: In the distance, playoffs could exist in Cleveland’s future. Then again, it may resemble the dumpster fire of the previous 16 seasons. For as atrocious as the Raiders were after the Super Bowl loss, the Browns have it worse.

  1. Jimmy Haslam, the owner’s company paid a 92 million dollar fine, due to fraud investigated by the FBI. Furthermore, he’s a billionaire and knew of this scheme. That doesn’t lead to trust. Say what you will about the Davis family. They never paid millions to settle a fraud case.


  1. They drafted Johnny Manziel. Aside from the substance abuse issues, how Manziel became a brown is comical. Haslam said that a homeless person told him to draft Manziel. First, you know that Haslam takes advice to no one. Second, Haslam cannot be believed. Why make this up? Plus, RaiderNation owes Cleveland thanks for drafting Manziel ahead of Derek Carr.



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In essence, the Raiders live miles ahead of these franchises. In effect, having a strong general manager, warm location and diehard fanbase helps during tough times. If you endured Andrew Walter, you deserve Derek Carr. These two franchises have more negative history than any other football team in NFL history. Brutal does not describe this as the last playoff game in your history.

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