Titans back at it

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Titans back at it

The Tennessee Titans reported back to work today. Titans online reporter Jim Wyatt has been all over it.

Much of the talk from Titans players (that I see on twitter) has been how Marcus “looks good” and some almost sadness as they miss their buddy Jason McCourty.

Marcus reportedly isn’t running yet, but walks normally. On the Titans site, Marcus is shown in a video arriving before the sun comes up. He seems to be walking normally to me. It’s brief, but you can’t tell he broke his leg a few months ago.


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McCourty was cut recently. It is curious that he was released so late into the offseason. Mike Reiss of ESPN wrote a piece where he sees the Patriots as a team likely to sign McCourty now. That sent me messaging some friends in Massachusetts. What I got back was a rumor that the Pats and Saints inquired about McCourty during the Brandin Cooks talks earlier this offseason. I messaged a friend in NOLA who said he had heard the same. Jumping on a rumor (as precarious as it is, this is minor) here, it would seem Titans general manager Jon Robinson thought he could work out a deal for Jason┬ábut eventually stopped trying. Today, it’s ten days before the draft and with players reporting, he basically tried as long as he could. I would also assume those teams wanted McCourty to rework his highly paid one year contract. I’m not comfy with the rumor stuff and the “he said, she said” narrative. Just passing along what I heard.

The former cornerback had developed into a starter, a friend, and a leader to many on the Titans team. It’s sweet, in a fitting sort of way, that he would give the team his all and be remembered fondly today by his peers.

Titans online reporter Jim Wyatt has been all over it. The Titans site did not stream the pressers as they usually do. I was a bit letdown by that today. Jim’s twitter page is loaded with quotes and some pics too.

Wyatt reported that Derrick Henry did not show to the voluntary workout. Henry has posted videos and pictures on instagram all offseason. I guess we are all well aware he has been working out. The quotes by Wyatt don’t indicate that anyone was too concerned of Henry missing the workout.

It’s interesting that one individual would miss a voluntary workout and gain attention from it. That shows coach Mike Mularkey’s team mindset is still well ingrained in the players’ minds. While players of other NFL teams trickle in all offseason long, the Titans came to work right away. It’s a real good start to the offseason.

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