Cover32 safety interviews with a Titans spin

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Cover32 safety interviews with a Titans spin

Some members of the Cover32 staff have interviewed several draft prospects. Here are some snips from their interviews and thoughts for the player joining the Titans.

UConn safety Obi Melifonwu

At 6’4″, you have incredible height and length for a safety. What are some advantages and disadvantages that your height gives you?
Melifonwu: With my height comes many advantages. I think it plays a big part of me being able to cover bigger and longer guys players. It also gives me the ability to keep leverage and reroute players and it also plays a role in my range. I feel like my height gives me no disadvantages because I’m able to move very well with my height and weight. I like to think of myself as player who plays under control extremely well.

What player(s) do you model your game after? 

Melifonwu: I model my game after so many different players, past and present: not just safeties, either. Players like Barry Sanders, Ed Reed, Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, Brian Dawkins and so many others. With saying that, I feel like I stand in a category alone with the things I can do given my size and speed.
The Titans would certainly entertain a “physical freak” at safety. His speed and size truly do make him a unique player. He is currently projected to go late in the first round or early in the second round. He could be a trade down candidate, but otherwise won’t likely be drafted at a spot where the Titans have a pick.


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What would you say is the most impressive aspect of your game?

Jerome: The most impressive part of my game is definitely recognizing the play before it happens and being a ballhawk safety.

Which player or players do you model your game after?

Jerome: Ed Reed and Sean Taylor.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but it says that you had 18 interceptions at St. Francis. Is that right?

Jerome: Yes.

What’s your key to excelling at this ballhawking style of play?

Jerome: Definitely extra film work with my coaches at St. Francis. We’re in the film room before practice and after practice. They want to develop my game to my best ability and their best ability, so we just watch extra film and do what we had to do.

The Titans need turnovers and a ballhawking safety who models his game after Ed Reed and Sean Taylor sounds pretty sweet. The former FCS player is currently projected as a sixth round pick.

Arizona linebacker Paul Magloire Jr.

You started off as a safety, but converted to linebacker later in your career. What aspects of your experience as a safety have you transferred to being a linebacker?

Magloire: Playing safety, you tend to cover a lot of guys – a lot of speed guys. One thing that I’ve gotten better at now is just covering backs coming out of the backfield and tight ends playing the Y spot. That’s something that I’ve definitely brought over from playing safety and moving to that outside linebacker, just being able to cover those speed guys.

The projected undrafted free agent could be viewed as a project for the Titans. Safety/linebacker hybrids will forever be linked to the Titans until they give Dick Lebeau his Troy Polamalu type. At 227 pounds, he is downright tiny for an NFL linebacker, but if he can play safety and brings that linebacker mentality….well, that’s a different story.

New Mexico safety Lee Crosby

Rotating between every position in the New Mexico secondary, some see you as a safety in the NFL while others think you could be swiss army knife type of utility player. Which position do you see yourself playing at the next level?

Crosby: It really doesn’t matter to me. I love playing! With my skill set, whatever position a team feels I fit best at in their scheme, I will play it.

What current or past NFL player would you say most closely matches yourself?

Crosby: That’s hard to say because I don’t like comparing my game to anyone besides myself. I had to pick a player though, it would be Tyrann Mathieu because of his versatility.

The Titans could surely add a “swiss-army knife” to their secondary as an undrafted free agent.

The thing to keep in mind with the Titans adding a safety is that Dick Lebeau likes to play three safeties at times. Their common defensive set will have a strong safety and a free safety, but there is an opportunity for a third.

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