Aaron Hernandez’s death: A talented life thrown away

Aaron Hernandez
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The end has come for former New England tight end turned convicted murderer, Aaron Hernandez. Hernandez, 27, has allegedly hung himself from his cell window with a sheet. He was found by corrections officers at Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center in Shirley, Massachusetts. The investigation continues under the Massachusetts State Police.


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Hernandez would have had a bright football career if he could just find it within himself to stop killing people. He was considered by some as a psychopath, a sociopath by others. He was, however, proving to be a top league tight end with a $40 million salary and the entire world in front of him.

Five days prior to his death, Hernandez was actually acquitted of a double murder charge that happened in 2012 in Boston. Daniel Abreu and Safiro Furtado were shot while in their car, as told by Alexander Bradley, the prosecution’s witness. He was convicted, however, of murdering his girlfriend’s sister’s fiancé Odin L. Lloyd in 2013. It is believed Lloyd was a loose end in the double murder a year prior.

Hernandez wouldn’t be getting out of prison anytime soon. In fact, he’d never be getting out since he was sentenced to life without parole. The former tight end may have gotten away with murder according to family members of the slain but he certainly wasn’t going home a free man.

You may not care that Aaron killed himself, if that is indeed the case. On the other hand, you may see it as a slice of righteousness. I’ll admit, when it came to any sort of news about Aaron Hernandez, my emotional range for him was at houseplant level. I do feel for his little girl who will grow up listening to polarizing and damaging views of her father without ever getting to know him as her dad.

Aaron Hernandez also leaves his longtime girlfriend/fiancé, his family including his brother Dennis Jonathan Hernandez, D.J, or Jonathan as he prefers it these days. His football/coaching career also fell victim to his brother’s crimes and eventually turned to roofing to make a living. The brothers talked frequently while Hernandez was in prison. Jonathan would mail tic-tac-toe games, hangman and other small puzzles to Aaron. Aaron would take his turn then mail them back to Jonathan. Aaron’s brother says he was always attracted to the wrong crowd, some of them very scary and was always looking for approval from others. At the end of the day, Jonathan has lost his brother.

Sportswriter for ESPN Jane McManus summed him up best via Twitter;

“…he was the architect of his own house.”

The breaking news of Hernandez’s death also falls in the same day that the New Patriots are scheduled to visit the White House in celebration of Super Bowl 51.

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